1. G

    Disconnecting car battery W205 C Class ?

    I'm nervously attempting to replace my front grille with a diamond replacement and have been looking at the battery terminal for about an hour [emoji27] The instructions for removing the front bumper starts with disconnecting the battery ... if I do this will I loose radio codes, or need some...
  2. tanuie

    Disconnecting Battery.

    When you disconnect the battery i realise you have to re-set the windows, do you have to do anything regarding the convertible roof. Many thanks.
  3. G

    W211 - disabling SBC by disconnecting battery

    Hello, all. I need to disable the SBC (2005 W211 E280 CDI) in order to replace the brake pads. I don't have Star diagnostic to disable the SBC so I take it I would need to disconnect primary and SBC batteries. I am just concerned that disconnecting the battery may upset the car...
  4. RyanMuller

    Disconnecting intercooler pump

    Hi all, Driving the c32 to the garage to get a new charge cooler fitted. As the current one is leaking and I need to drive the car 60 miles to get to the garage, should I un plug the pump and clamp the tube down to the pump? Would the rest of the system work ok? Any thoughts welcome Ryan
  5. Q

    Would disconnecting a CD changer stop Comand from launching?

    Hi all, My Comand currently starts with the Mercedes logo and then powers out again. Between working perfectly yesterday and now not working I have done the following: Removed Comand unit to spliced/re-splice some speaker connections (whilst disconnecting aftermarket amp) Disconnected...
  6. Aidank

    Help needed Re disconnecting battery for several Months

    Hi Guy's,I have a 2009 Veto Van which is left in France for months on end and I have been told NOT to disconnect the battery as it will mess up the ECU etc BUT WHEN I GO back the battery is always flat anyway. So my question is can I just remove the Negative off the battery as its a fairly new...
  7. gbjeppm

    Advice disconnecting seats on a 560SEC

    All I am trying to remove the seats on my 88 560SEC, which has heated and memory seats. I have disconnected the smaller cables, and the vacuum, but there is still a thick loom that goes into what looks like a circuit board covered by a big plastic shroud. There does not seem to be an...
  8. C

    Disconnecting the Battery?

    My CL is sometimes stood for 2 weeks which is to long for the battery to keep charge. So is there any negative effect on the car if I disconnect the battery to save it from draining? I have thought of a solar charger but as the windows are tinted don't think this would help. Thanks in advance...
  9. M

    Disconnecting the battery

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I have read that if the batteries are taken out of the key fob they will need reprograming. What about if I disconnect the main car battery to do some work on the car, will the fobs need to be reprogrammed when the car battery is reconnected? The car is a...
  10. christopherwk

    Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting after a moment with MB Nokia 6300 cradle.

    I've recently bought a Mercedes Nokia 6300 Bluetooth Mobile Cradle A2048201551, plugged it in the armrest, followed the instruction in pairing it with the phone, and once paired, it connects then disconnects after a second. It appears to be the same problem as this, found on a Nokia forum...
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    Disconnecting the battery

    I'm tempted to disconnect the battery to clear adaption settings, but I remember reading that disconnecting or reconnecting in the wrong way can cause problems, like blown SAMs. So what's the 'right' way of doing it?
  12. Bazzle

    Disconnecting Battery ... Problems

    On a few forums members have had issues after disconnecting or replacing a battery. Where I work we have had problems witha few brands of vehicles being sensitive to the voltage spike when leads removed or replaced. A fix that has proven to be 100% reliable is to mount a Matson spike...
  13. SLK230UK99

    Resetting auto gearbox memory without disconnecting battery..

    Found this on the US MB slk forum... was a little scepticle at first until loads of guys reported that their cars were quicker off the line, changed gear at more optimum points etc, so I tried it and it does indeed seem to work! The long way to reset the gearbox memory is to disconnect the...
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