1. T

    Mercedes E280 CDI on Autotrader with huge mileage discrepancy

    Spotted this on Autotrader: Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E280 CDI Avantgarde 7G-Tronic 5dr Clearly states and shows 77,300 miles, however quick previous MOT check reveals this: More: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/FreeCheck?regk=fd55ysr Just an FYI if anyone finds themselves looking at it :)
  2. P

    Help needed with mileage discrepancy

    Hi I hope someone can help me with this: My partner owns a 2003 CLK200Kompressor. She has owned it since it was 1 year old, and is very attached. Recently, it would not open. It was recovered to a local garage who told us it had to go to Mercedes. Our local Mercedes garage diagnosed a...
  3. N

    Mileage discrepancy??

    Just bought an 09 C220,sadly I've visited the dealers the SH mileage doesn't match other documentation, i'll list it below. Service 1 10 2010- 10672m Service 2 11 2011- 20472m Service 3 11 2012- 32805m Service 4 05 2014- 53472m MOT's 09 2012 - 30827m 09 2013 - 40464m 09 2014 - 46676m 09 2015...
  4. Jukie

    CAP valuation discrepancy?

    I regularly use CAP's free valuation service and was quite surprised to see a valuation difference in favour of a car with a lower spec. I was checking out two CLS 320CDi's. One from Oct 2005, the other from Dec 2005. Both have some matching options: sunroof xenons HK parktronic...
  5. Anil

    Pump price discrepancy

    I filled up using BP Ultimate Diesel at BP on the A322 coming our of Bracknell this evening. The price on the pump next to the nozzle was 106.9. I filled up until the pump cut out when I noticed the LCD price in the display was a penny more than advertised next to the nozzle. I pointed this out...
  6. gbjeppm

    Possible discrepancy explanations

    Dear All, In my seemingly never ending quest for a good honest, value for money W208 Cabriolet, I am now researching my current target, and have found the following on the DVLA website. Date of Liability 01 01 2008 Date of First Registration 02 05 2001 Year of Manufacture 2000 Cylinder...
  7. M


    So the saga continues with the purchase of my SL 320 - the DVLA spot check has been done so the reg transfer can now take place. :bannana: The car was advertised as having 31k miles , which it showed when I did the test drive. I have a mate at a dealership who did me a favour printed...
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