1. Mblinko

    SEC Discrete Tow Bar

    I'm guessing that the brackets on the bumper are different from standard as after fitting all the all the Oris iron work to the car the bumper itself does not go back on:wallbash:. The holes are obstructed. Has anyone got any pictures of what they look like or know where I can get them from?
  2. H

    Itch for something discrete

    The cream's not working. :eek: I'm thinking a manual one of these minus the badges might be a nice little treat to myself and a fun alternative to the oil burner. Any opinions? 2002/52 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT W8 4MOTION FSH ONLY 57K MILES on eBay (end time 19-Jul-10 20:01:48 BST)
  3. amwebby

    Anybody know the discrete codes for COMAND 2.5 Remote?

    So, I've got this piece of software on my Nokia, called irRemote So far I can control my Sky box and a coupe of televisions around the house. Does anyone know the discrete codes for COMAND 2.5 so I can create a virtual remote control for use in the car?
  4. A

    Tasteful and discrete modding Japanese style...

    ...or not! Close your eyes! :eek: :p OMG
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