1. AngryDog

    E55 rear discs

    How much are these from MB? What make are they as I expect they have them made? Cheers.
  2. 5

    May have wrong production discs 05 CLS 55 AMG(please read)

    Hi guys I recently had my brakes changed where I bought the car from. some time after my brakes started to make a horrible screeching noise when braking. So I had a look at the brakes and notice that the grooves on the disc are facing the opposite direction from each other. I was alway under...
  3. Ray1888

    Cla 45 new discs and pads at local dealers today

    So phoned around for some quotes for brembo discs and pads,got some interesting quotes !!!!! Company I work for own my local Merc dealership so phoned,got my staff discount and paid £250 thought that was a great price,they came in Mercedes boxes but are brembo discs and pads,:bannana:
  4. zenman63

    Used ML63 166 discs

    As Above looking for one front and one rear ML63 used discs, any condition as its just for prototyping. Must be 166 2012 on.
  5. bh13coupe

    C207 E500 Discs

    Hi Guys can anyone confirm if the e500 coupe uses the discs from another model? I am trying to get my ducks in line on some replacements front and rear and the C207's seem hard to get as the model itself is quite rare. I would assume the same disks are used on more popular model of...
  6. Chrishazle

    EPC Discs

    A good friend of mine, who will hopefully soon register on here, has recently bought a 2000 SLK 320 for his wife, and posted the following on another (non MB) forum I frequent : "I have the WIS/ASRA/EPC software for 2017 and have it all installed but cant find the epc disks to install, but I...
  7. B

    2016 COMMAND discs for 204

    I have 2 Nav packs for sale both containing both discs needed to update command ntg3.5. Genuine MB discs doesn't require an online connection through STAR or a code to activate. First disc is 2014/2015 navigations-dvd Comand APS Part no. 204 827 09 65 version 12.0 compatible with 204...
  8. M

    W212 brakes and discs

    Has anyone upgraded the discs and pads on there W212 ? And if so what did you go for and how is it? Or maybe it's just pads that have helped ? Looking to upgrade on my E350 CDI Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ckember

    comand ntg4.5 update discs

    I have been trying to find out the main dealer prices for the latest map disc /pin and installation cost. after two days of waiting they got back to me today to say new versions are shipping for customers with the 3 year free updates,doesn't affect me, and they can't currently give me a price...
  10. R

    Sl 55 amg evolution discs.

    Wanted...SL 55 AMG Evolution discs or where i can source them at a reasonable price please.
  11. R

    Sl 55 amg evolution discs.

    I am after a set of new Evolution discs for an SL 55 AMG , Where is the best and reasonably priced place to obtain these? Hoping a member can help me out.Thanks.
  12. C

    Discs and Pads

    W2027 I have 2 c-class cars both 2037. One is a 53 plate and the other is an 08 plate. Are the front discs and pads the same parts on both cars. I think they are but another opinion would help.
  13. X

    best place to source new AMG brake discs

    Hi guys, Where would be the best place to source new brake discs and pads for my CLS63 AMG? Thanks a lot Dom
  14. 1stmbc180

    W212 replacement discs and pads

    Hi As the title suggests I'm going to be changing front and rear brake discs and pads. I have a 64 e class 220cdi AMG sport. I've had a look through various threads on the forum and things online. But really just want some opinions from people on here. Can anyone suggest WHERE to buy all...
  15. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Genuine discs, do not use ebay copies when you can buy these for £45 + p&p NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  16. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Hi I have a genuine set of discs for the NTG4 comand APS for sale 2015/16 Latest edition See picture for model compatibility Don't pay £159 when you can buy mine for £45 +p&p Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  17. kam05

    W204 NTG4 sat nav DVD discs APS 2014/2015 for sale

    As thread title - NTG4 Comand DVD discs (2014/2015) for sale. If you have an early W204 like mine (on a 07/57/08/58) plate with the flip out Comand unit these discs will work. Genuine items bought from forum member ChrisHazle (who knows his stuff when it comes to the NTG4 Comand unit)- so...
  18. Hawkwind

    Brake Discs for CLK W208

    Looking at new brakes for the CLK. Was thinking about Bosch, but just noticed a great deal on Febi Bilstein. What's the forums opinion on these, or should I give them both a miss?
  19. K

    Non PPP C63 Front brake discs and pads

    Hi guys, Currently looking into picking up a set of front brake components as front discs are scored and will either replace them or provide the parts when I sell the car. Has anyone had them changed recently and can advise on pricing? I have received a couple of quotes from MB dealers on...
  20. Z

    Comand ntg4 update discs 2014 or newer

    For an E Class 2010 A207, comand system Thanks Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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