1. B


    Anybody advise me on best place to advertise my W140 as a project for someone - engine repair needed - heavy tapping noise. have used it that way for months - drives fine. Been gas converted so for a V8 very economic.
  2. flango

    Bar room discussion, Coupes

    OK the pub discussion from last night. One of the guys is buying a coupe, budget is £4k - £5k so what would be the most reliable for his money. He has looked at the usual German marques BMW 3 series, MB CLK, Audi TT for these and his budget he is looking at a 2004 model year at best. Then...
  3. Koolvin

    MSL - Eurcharged Day - Picture/ Video and Discussion Thread

    We have had a few requests to start a new post just for sharing the Pictures and Videos at MSL.......
  4. Carabosse

    C207 E-Class Coupe discussion

    I hope to take delivery of my C207 (350CDI) some time next week. I am a first time Mercedes owner. :) It would be really good to hear from other C207 owners about the car: hints, tips, quirks etc. It is a slightly unusual car in the MB range, it seems to me, being badged as an E-class but...
  5. poormansporsche

    The "63" Plate Discussion Thread ......

    Oh go on, who's ordered what etc etc Im sure theres money to be made somewhere along the line !! SL63 AMG / ML63 AMG / CL63 AMG has got to be the best of the bunch but loads more to look forward to :) Bet the DVLA wont believe their luck come auction time ! Brett
  6. A

    Sky News Jeff Randal - New car registrations discussion

    Just switched on the TV and on Jeff Randall Sky News they were talking about Peugeots worst financial results ever and had a graphic of UK car registrations on screen. Anyone else see this or the obvious error?
  7. KillerHERTZ

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    C-Class Coupe Sport & AMG Sports Package Moved from the News section as its no longer a 'news' thread... Mercedes introduces C-Class Coupe Sport and AMG Plus Sports package New C-Class models to be launched in June 2012: The C-Class has never been more sporty Geneva/Stuttgart...
  8. Koolvin

    Bullies on Internet discussion forums

    We wish to remind everyone that bullying will not be tolerated on these forums. Whilst the below case is not reflective of a recent issue on these forums, it is a reminder for us (this includes staff) on etiquette within our community and being able to empathise with other users from all...
  9. grober

    Honest John discussion on the W124

    Came across this interesting thread on the W124 on the Honest John site. Mercedes Benz E-Class W124 Estates - Engine recommendations: Motoring Discussion forum
  10. stats007

    Lost Season 4 Discussion (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    Has anyone started watching this yet? Makes even less sense than Season 3 so far! :crazy: :mad: :D
  11. scotth_uk

    Micro$oft Vi$ta discussion

    Anyone else playing with Vista yet? I've had a good tinker with Beta2 and RC1 so far, on real machines and in virtual machines. Beta2 was a bit of a dog, but RC1 almost looks interesting. My only concern is that Vista doesn't really offer me anything new. I have had a good play with it...
  12. scotth_uk

    Lost Season 3 Discussion (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    Open for business.... :bannana:
  13. pammy

    Discussion Forum persona

    So who are we all :devil: :D :D http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm Now remember - be nice!!
  14. scotth_uk

    Lost Season 2 Discussion (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

    It looks like there are a few of us watching Lost in line with US schedules, so on with the discussion..... If you are not up with the US schedule, be careful reading past here! :devil:
  15. PeterG

    Old MB discussion board gone?

    Went to have a look at the old MB discussion board today and found it was out of service lol. I guess there is no point in having one when you piss off the principal member and he sets up a better forum taking with him all the other members like the pied piper. Pete <img...
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