1. D

    Legionnaires disease and high pressure washing

    Just a note of caution for anyone using a high pressure washer from a water butt supply prompted by the recent Edinburgh outbreak. Normal mains water is quite sterile, however any water collected from outside as in rain butts will obviously not have had any treatment. Warm weather allows the...

    Legionnaires' Disease! in your washer bottle?

    Interesting? Just saw this on BBC Breakfast. BBC News - Windscreen water infection risk
  3. glojo

    Blue Tongue Disease

    Am I missing something or did I hear that this terrible disease is carried by midge's (mig) or tiny flies? If so then why have the police set up exclusion zones? Are these flies low flying, law abiding insects that stick to the highways and bye-ways? If this government acted in it's usual...
  4. F

    Taking cars apart is a disease thats addictive ....

    Taking cars apart is a disease thats addictive .... does anyone have a cure?? :crazy:
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