disks or pads

  1. CardinalZeus77

    W204 C Class Saloon disks/pads

    My car is in for a B1 service today and I just had a call from the dealer that I need new disks/pads at £399! Car has done nearly 31k. The pads are still 60% but recommend replacing if changing the disks. Is that normal wear? I would have thought the disks would last longer? Anyway I have said...
  2. T

    A190; front disks/pads replacement - easy?

    are any special tools needed to replace the front disks and pads on an A Class (A190)? can someone reasonably handy with a spanner work through it without a manual? i manged to change the front pads & fit anti-rattle shims to the calipers of my Elise this afternoon, so i'm feeling fairly...
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