1. CowleyStJames

    Audio 50 APS 2015/2016 update disks for sale

    2015/2016 map update disks for E Class 03/09 - 07/11 and CLS from 01/11 - 07/11. Only works with Audio 50 APS. Absolutely mint. Looking for £40 posted
  2. CowleyStJames

    Genuine V14 C class Comand update disks, latest version, for sale

    I have genuine V14 Comand APS 2016 update disks for C class W204 for sale. Part number A204 827 03 00 Purchased from main dealer and used once to update my sat nav. These do not work with C-class prior to October 2008 as the hard disk is too small. Purchased at £160 looking for £85 posted.
  3. ChrisCLS55

    CLS 55 AMG pads and discs

    Where is the best place to get all-round pads and discs for my CLS 55 AMG? I've been on ebay and it brings up a whole plethora of pads and discs all at varying prices. Thanks in advance.
  4. PhilT

    C63 Amg Disks & Pads Prices & Fitting

    What price have you guys paid for standard disks and pads with sensors? I thought the normal ones from merc (with no slats in the hub or the floating disk were loads cheaper) Merc want £385 for front disks and pads with sensor & £695.84 for rear disks and pads with sensor. The price of them...
  5. Dannyallen89

    Best front brake disks and pads?

    Had my w204 c220 in for b5 service at staithes garage today they replaced the rear pads and I was advised that my front disks and pads would need replacing in the early part of next year. I'm just going to get it done now rather than wait for the warning light Do I stick with mercedes for £175...
  6. P

    Best place to buy rear disks & pads?

    Just had the SL55 into a specialist for a thorough once over. All ok. Advised the light will come on soon advising the rear pads and discs need changing. Have been quoted £300 fitted. Don't have the parts/labour split on that but would consider sourcing the parts pads & discs myself so I know...
  7. Alfie

    Trashed comand/Navigation drive due to copied disks

    We are working with a TV company that are producing a programme about pirated/copied navigation disks. We have a few customers who have suffered material loss as a result of using copied disks. Such as updates that fail part way through, rendering the comand / Navigation drive useless resulting...
  8. H

    C63 amg new brake pads and disks

    I need some advice I recentky bought an 09 c63 amg and it needs new brake pads and disks on the front two wheels. Does anyone know what the cost will be for this? I went to a local garage for a quote and he wants £1400 to do it? What's the cheapest way of doing this? How much would it...
  9. M

    W203 Rear disks and pads?

    Hi my W203 2005 rear Disks and pads need to be done which one you recommend? MB discs & pads or Bosch disks & Pads? Many Thanks
  10. W4E300

    E63 front disks ...."bargain"....(!)

    A snip at £1200.00 a pair.....(gulp) http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151625192644 Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  11. R

    Judder at 1500RPM - Front disks knackered.....

    Hi all When we bought the car the other day the first trip up the motorway revealed slight judder when accelerate and the revs reaching and surpassing 1500rpm approx. I took it to ATS on my way home and they did a wheel alignment check, said that they were very slightly out and switched...
  12. U

    SL65 rear brake disks - anyone know of a pair available in the UK?

    Got hit by an MOT fail yesterday on rear disks. The 'ouch' re the cost was bad enough but it looks like they'll have to come in from Germany meaning they wont be here till after Christmas and I'll need to factor in a week's car-hire too! Does anyone know where I might source a pair of rear...
  13. U

    After market brake disks - wise/unwise?

    This is all a bit new to me - so I'm hoping I'm not asking a silly question. The SL65 just failed its MOT on rear brake disks. I've been quoted £1514 + VAT for a replacement pair. Now, be default I like to go for authentic manuf parts but when a quick Google revelas pairs of Mintex or EBC...
  14. S

    Comand - Warning about using downloaded update disks

    This is my first time on a forum so please forgive any errors. I just wanted to make the effort to warn other people about downloading update disks for their comand from the internet. I have done this a few times with no problems. But the latest venture will be very costly as my comand now...
  15. swansealee

    cost for brake disks

    Hi All, anybody have an idea of cost for new rear disks and pads for a 2010 slk 300 as i have a wobble on my rear brakes when braking so assume disk is warped. thanks Lee
  16. Abdul

    Brand new OE W210/W202/W208 55 AMG front axle disks and pads

    Hi guys, Have the above for sale including brand new pad wear sensors (pagid). Disks and pads are MB items. I'm after £200 collected from Ilford, Essex. I have brand new pads from ECP for the front axle also, they're either Pagid or Textar, will update later. I'll chuck these in for...
  17. J4miejenks

    w204 OEM pads and disks

    So I've just jumped in the car and I've got my 'check brake' warning light...so guessing my pads and disks will need doing on the near future! So two questions; 1) Is there anyway of knowing if it's the fronts or rears that require changing? Or is it a case of checking the thickness of...
  18. C

    Warped Disks - again!

    Hello All, I need your help and advice. I have a W211 E320CDi saloon 53 Reg. My brake disks are warped, again :dk: The disks and pads have been changed completely on two occasions. First time it was Pagid disks and pads and the second time Eicher disks and pads. Lastly, 1000 miles ago, the...
  19. Colin_b

    SLK350 disks & pads, what size?

    I'll need to replace the pads and disks on my 2007 SLK 350 in the next few months, so I thought I'd order them early. Went to Euro car parts, put the reg no. in and away I go. Except I have a choice of 2 part numbers for each component. ie, rear disks, both Pagid, 2 slightly different sizes...
  20. RattlerRattler

    SL55 front disks, multiple versions?

    Can anyone tell me if there are multiple versions/types of front disks for a SL55? Mine's a 2007, recently bought and part of the deal was new front disks that had to be ordered. Now there's some issue with supplying and I'm being asked to bring my SL in to identify the disks correctly. I've...
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