1. mattk1

    Gear knob dismantle?

    Good morning all, does anyone know how to take apart one of these? Many thanks in advance, Matt.
  2. P

    450slc basic dash dismantle?

    Hi,new member first post of 30 before I can use forum fully I recently purchased a Haynes manual for this car which offers no info on dash removal etc.I also purchased a Mercedes style twin disc set which wont work for me.[TIS system] The cars engine was kaput and a non mercedes engine is...
  3. M

    How to dismantle inner door panel?

    Need to remove the inner part of the driver's door on a W210 to check the operation of the electric window. I understand that it should not be difficult to remove the lower part of the pannel (since the upper part contains the air bag). But I am not sure how to remove it without damaging...
  4. B

    Dismantle doorcover inside.

    Dismantle doorcover inside. w202 Hey All My car is an w202 c240T v6 1998 Does anyone have a guide ore could make one ? how to take the doorcover off? i have a strange sound in there and the window will not open.
  5. BigDusty

    How to Dismantle a Rear view Mirror. (W202 C class)

    Removing the mirror was very easy as it is only held in place by a spring pushing back on two pins (Photo). I used a screwdriver to prise the mirror from the ceiling of the car. To dismantle the mirror the best tool I could find was this very blunt knife, it was smoothed edged (not...
  6. BigDusty

    Can I dismantle my Rear View Mirror?

    Hi All, Need some help or advice.:confused: My Rear View Mirror is rattling because the manual anti glare mechanism has become lose inside. I was wondering if these mirrors can be dismantled for me to examine this mechanism for either repair or adjustments (e.g. screw come lose) or is...
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