1. Johnerz

    E250 Coupe 2010 Dashboard display change.

    Hi I have an E250 coupe sport Sept 2010 model. I love the car but the screen display in the middle of the speedometer now reminds me of 1980's computer games. It didn't bother me when I brought the car cause I fell for the shape and the colour of th car and the drive. I opted not to go for...
  2. A

    CD album titles/track titles do not display

    This is on a 2006 C350 with COMAND (not sure which version it would be?). Since I've had the car, whenever I play CDs the name of the album and the track don't display, it just says 'Track 1'. This is when playing the CD via the multi-changer (the single slot in COMAND has the navigation DVD in...
  3. OCD BAL

    Heads up Display

    Does anyone have a heads up display in their Merc? I'm speccing a new GLC43 AMG Coupe and it's a £600 option .. wondering if it really is useful in real world terms or just a gimmick? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 4

    w211 display faulty !!!!?

    Hello guys. My car shows "Display faulty visit workshop" , and there is Oil sign. What does this mean ? Maybe oil level is low . Thanks in advance.
  5. A

    Upgrade To 2008 Mercedes C200 Display

    Hi there, I have recently got a Merc and I wanted to look in to upgrading the display so I can get sat nav & watch DVD’s etc. Do you know where I can buy the equipment to upgrade my 2008 Mercedes C200. It already has the basic small display under the lift up flap & do you think I will need to...
  6. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by comandonline.co.uk when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  7. H

    Headup display for c220d amg line out of stock?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a new car and wanted the headup display option, but the salesman said that: "There is one thing having the allocation to change the specification of a car but sometimes items often go on critical code, meaning you cannot process the order 100%. And It may...
  8. B

    W203 2001 display is not showing total Km ?

    Hi I have bought a 2001 W203 180 coupe, as a none runner I replaced the front SAM, the ignition switch, steering lock, and ECU. The car starts and runs great now, but I have no display of the total Km covered, the trip meter shows the trip Km, but I just have 6 lines where the total Km...
  9. S

    Radio display screen

    Hi not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. The display screen (whatever its called) on my S211 has a few blemishes as if its been cleaned by an over zealous idiot. So much so when the sun catches it at certain angles I cannot see anything but the scratches. These are very light...
  10. icewraithuk

    DAS/Coding help - Speed Limit/Cruise control display

    Hi, Weird one, I was trying to get the TPMS module I've retrofitted into my W209 working (it isn't, something about needing VeDoc updating) but in doing so I've somehow managed to turn off the display of whatever I set the speed limiter or cruise control to - both the big number that normally...
  11. C

    ABS and Display fault and brake wear

    Hi, I’m new to club but would like some guidance from you wise people out there. I have a CLK270 registered in 2005. Trying to keep it going on a budget. Sometimes, upon stating, the ABS light stays on, then a "display faulty" is shown followed by "brake wear visit workshop" the ABS warning does...
  12. S

    OBD reader and fault code display

    I have a w204 2011. Is there any secret way the fault odes can be read out via the dashboard display? If not, and I suspect not, can anyone recommend an ODB2 reader which is certified to Mercedes? I ask for a certified one because I tried a Chinese import on ma Toyota Yaris and it screwed...
  13. Cymruambyth

    MPG display.

    Is there an average MPG display on my 2007 C350? I`ve been through all the menus but can`t find anything :wallbash:
  14. mattc200d

    Date display

    Can I display the date on my audio 20? I can set the format and change in settings but can't find any way of displaying it. Thanks in advance.
  15. G

    For Sale: Head Up Display unit - HUD

    I bought this a couple of months ago, but never got around to play with it, until now. I specifically selected a model that is not lit up like a Christmas tree, with all the colours under the sun, got large white digits, as opposed to green ones, and displays almost nothing but speed and rpm...
  16. RonFleet

    W205 Audio 20 hangs

    My C220's Audio 20 system hung yesterday, about 20 minutes into a journey. The display screen on the centre console was frozen, nothing changed (time/radio information/heater information, etc.). The heater controls operated, but did not display the changes on the screen. The NAVI, MENU, RADIO...
  17. N

    Gear display in cluster ...

    Hey all sorry if this is the wrong place to post , but I'm wondering if there is anyway of seeing what gear I'm in on the instrument cluster , my Audi A6 was also an automatic but displayed the gear what it was in an what it was going to switch up to or down , it ain't nothing major but some...
  18. dad4geer

    Alert in Multifunction Display

    Hello all, need help with this alert I got this evening when I started to drive. It was all good this afternoon but tonight when I set off from home it started giving me a warning tone with that icon on MF display. It appears to be related to bonnet but my bonnet is all securely locked. I even...
  19. thebig1

    Heads-Up Display

    Hi Guys, I have just purchased a C63S, mega grins!!!! It has heads up display but it only showing gear, rpm, speed and road signs, not the sat nav directions??? In the menu on the cluster, I went through the menu to "Settings", "Heads-up display", "Content". I have the "Sat nav" ticket but it...
  20. M

    W204 Display Cover (pre facelift)

    Hi Has anyone ever removed the cover from the display (shows radio frequency etc) that pops up when you press the button? Am wanting to slot my ipad in front of the display and the cover is stopping it tilting back far enough. Hopefully the display would still work? Thanks Mark.
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