1. M

    iPhone displays on cluster but not command?

    I recently bought a 219 cls with command, when I connect my iPhone or iPod, the track names will appear on the instrument cluster but nothing appears on the command screen. Is this normal?
  2. G

    Dash LCD displays

    Hi my W208 CLK has some pixels missing from the clock & exterior temperature displays, the rest of the instrumentation works fine, can anyone advise on a fix please
  3. mercmanuk

    advise on multiple displays

    driving me mad. on my pc ive an onboard graphics with a hdmi and a dvi inputs,i also run a better quality graphics card with dual dvi inputs.i run two 24" monitors on the additional card in extended mode and they work fine. ive just wired my 47" led tv with a hdmi cable to the pc which I...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Head-up displays To Be Offered On W205 and W222 Models

    Head-up Display Coming Soon
  5. developer

    SPY SHOTS - SL proudly displays it's recyclability.

  6. R

    HD displays in laptops - any experience?

    Anyone here moved to a 16x9 HD (generally 1366 x 768) or HD+ (1600 x900) in a laptop? I have to change my ThinkPad T61 and find the 4x3 1024x768 just fine - anything smaller I struggle to read. I'm concerned that the lack of height of the 16x9 displays will be a pain and if I have to run...
  7. Liloff

    DIY: How to PROPERLY fix the dead displays on the Instrument Cluster

    ...had some free time over the weekend! As you probably know, most of the W208 CLKs and the W210 models experience issues with the temp. and clock displays. I believe other models have the same problem. There is a simple reason for this. VDO are jerks and used cheap solution for the transfer...
  8. Shamaz Majid

    W210 Temperature, clock and gear displays no longer visible

    Hi, Both of the side displays in the instrument cluster of my W210 are no longer visible. Any ideas what the problem might be and how they can be re-displayed? I took it to a garage and he wanted £300. Sounded a bit too much so I politely declined! Thanks.
  9. W

    Dodgy LCD dashboard displays on W210

    I've looked at a few cars recently that had dodgy LCD displays in the dashboard. They were the small one in the left hand side that shows the time and the small one in the right hand side that shows the drive posution (1,2,3,4,d,ETC). Not all the pixels were showing. One of the garages...
  10. rich-racing.co.

    outside temp and clock displays kaput!

    on my 2001 E320CDi... anybody know if these can be repaired? are they LED's? several of the squares no longer light up, and now have no clock or outside temp guage. really miss the clock!
  11. P

    w203: 3 faulty rear parktronic displays within 2months...

    I have replaced twice the rear parktronic displays since the have gone faulty. Now that got the car back from mercedes i noticed that the parktronic display is not working again. I know it is not the sensors or anything else, If I replace the parktronic display everything will be fine. Is...
  12. Steve_Perry

    OLED / SED Flat panel displays.

    Further to the recent thread about plasma displays which seemed to provoke much interest, I thought I'd share a few interesting links on other flat panel display technologies that are looking to hit the big time in the next 2 to 4 years. SED - Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display...
  13. D

    Computer Speed Displays only KPH

    I have a 2001 C230K coupe with command etc. I cannot set the speed display on the 'computer' display to display anything other than the speed in KPH. The setting to display speed or temperature is missing. The setting for 'distance' is set to miles. It doesn't work how it is described in the...
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