1. brucemillar

    BMW - Park Distance Control (PDC)

    Friends My wife's (new to her) E53 4.8is BMW X5 has a fault with the Park Distance Control = PDC. The car had 4 sensors front & four sensors rear with a controller module mounted in the boot. We have the stock BMW error: Engage reverse > Light on button illuminates > Continuous Beep for 10...
  2. D

    Distance selling or not?

    I'll try and be quick: Ordered a new settee etc to be delivered for Christmas, the same we had in our old house. Everything comes on the 23rd, nice one. As it's being unwrapped I notice that the storage footstool we ordered wasn't on castors as we'd been led to believe (we had the...
  3. thebig1

    Red distance Warning

    Hi Guys, I have driven 3 other Mercedes cars recently, CLA, B series and an A series and all of them had the red distance warning appear when to close to the car in front. On my C63 I can see the warning but it has never come on. Is it not availalbe on the C63? Its in the owners manual but...
  4. merc85

    W211 comand distance to go ??

    Does anyone know how to get the Satnav on a 211 to display the distance to go to destination?? :confused:
  5. K

    No central No locking/unlocking at distance and bad radio reception

    Hi Guys, My first post on here, just trying to get some insight from someone in the know. I have a 2005 C-Class C220 CDI Coupe (W203). Car runs great and its a pleasure to drive (especially over longer distances) but I've had tons of minor issues with it over the last month or two (perhaps...
  6. Palfrem

    Distance Selling Regs.

    Does anyone know anything about these please? I seem to recall a few bits, but.... I received a Christmas gift via Amazon but it was not suitable so needs to go back. Turns out it was via Amazon Marketplace and originated in Germany. The postage back to Germany is more than the value...
  7. M

    S320 CDi key Remote opening at a distance

    New member here. I have an S320 CDi 2005. The key fob will not work when a distance from the car. Only works when next to drivers door sensor. Have changed fob batteries but no effect.
  8. S

    Distance Warning - beeps soooo annoying

    Hi, I've had my new GL63 4 weeks and the distance warning is driving me mad. You drive down the street and it just beeps loudly because it thinks your going to crash! Spoke to dealer, they agree it's annoying so are going to investigate. You can turn it off, but not permanently, you have...
  9. N

    Distance control

    I have a c200 Kompressor sports edition it is a 2005 model my problem is as follows: The distance control indicator for the front is not lighting up fully the first few bars do not light up fully . Is it the sensor not working properly or the indicator on the dashboard ? Any help would be...
  10. G

    Distance warning light

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help. Most of the time when going out in my car the distance warning light flashes twice accompanied by two high tone beeps. When it happens is fairly random but seems to average about 2 or 3 minutes after setting off. It will only ever happen once per journey. I...
  11. tonyc280

    Safe Distance

    Just wondering in any road situation how many people get followed at a safe distance ? For me on my Motorcycle and in my car its hardly ever.
  12. C

    Park distance control on S211

    Hi, I'm new to mob club uk and just got an S211 e320cdi. Unfortunately the parking sensors don't work and keep bleeping with 4 red lights front and back every time I turn them on. Occassionally, they do work. How easy is it to a) find out what is wrong and b) fix the problem. Could it be that...
  13. st13phil

    How to keep an aggressive driver at a safe distance

  14. Gh3382

    changing map view and distance info

    can you change the view on satnav beside the split screen with direction and full map and can you get the distance or any other info on a comand NTG 2 Gh3382
  15. jonnyboy

    Distance selling "good practice"?

    Hi all. Mrs JB bought some very well reviewed Raleigh bike lights for my boy who has just started a paper round on the bike we got via Howard (cheers again chap). Saw them on Amazon and bought (visa) although its a third party seller. They took a week to come (far end of what was in the...
  16. J

    SatNav distance readings

    Hello, Pretty sure this the right forum for this - Mods please feel free to move if not :-) I am having an intermittent issue with my car which the garage had claimed they have sorted despite not being able to replicate the fault. :doh: Occasionally the SatNav (APS50) unit changes it readings...
  17. M

    w203 central loking distance

    Hello guys I have previously asked this question. In my W203 c220 cdi auto eleg. to open the doors I have to be in around 1m from handle where the sensor is, and some times I have to use the little key bcos won't open. Is this normal? I have replace battery twice in last month as you suggested...
  18. M

    IR key operating distance??

    Hello guys!! I just got my self merc C-class w203 220CDI (2000), it's my first merc and I'm so glad of my choice :bannana: but I have to point the key very close to handle (20cm) to open the doors. I check voltage of batteries they are both 3V all sound correct. Is this normal ?
  19. Mark Hans

    Distance Control Unit + Hi Fi Upgrade

    Greetings. I've been a MB guy for years, now my new toy, a 2006 350CLK. Fabulous car. OK, I want to upgrade to Distance control. The limiter for speed (opposite of cruise control) works electronically on the brakes, so I wonder, how to upgrade to the distance control, which works on the...
  20. Palfrem

    Distance to destination on display

    I have a wide screen comand on my 2003 CL500 Any idea how I get the distance to destination to display at the bottom of the map please? I used to get it on a 2006 E class but I can't find any reference to it in the book Thanks
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