1. jeffwebb

    Dlink Compatability.

    I have recently changed from Virgin to BT for my broadband and am distinctly unimpressed with the Home Hub. Does anyone know if I can use a Dlink DSL-320T adsl modem instead. Regards, Jeff.
  2. E

    Nokia 6300 & D-Link Rangebooster N Modem Router For Sale

    Hi Nokia 6300 This was an upgrade with Vodafone. It is locked to that network but can be unlocked easily. It comes with a PAYG sim card. The box has been opened and the phone was charged at the shop. Everything otherwise is as new. Its in mint condition. See...
  3. P

    Dlink Wireless network sent out on its ear!

    refers to a Dlink DI-624 and DSL 300g modem .... I write this on my new Linksys WAG54G wireless network :bannana: I finally gave up on the my Dlink router for good :( having spent weeks trying to diagnose the cause of random network hangs, I decided to bit the bullet and upgrade the...
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