1. E

    Vmax video. My Eurocharged C63 vs DMS F80 M3

    Both cars are nigh on the same on paper regarding output. Skip to 8 mins for the better of the 2 races. Another race at 3:30 where he gets away first.
  2. D

    The only one? eurocharge or dms remap?

    Are Eurocharged or DMS remaps are the only available for an AMG,particularly c63? Are there any other providers who do quality remap for the fair money? Just asking as would like to know the options available on the market!Thanks
  3. A

    DMS upgrade

    First post in a few years and looking for some advice/guidance from the collective experience on here. I have been looking at getting into a C63 for a couple of months now. I have a certain spec in mind in terms of age, colour etc., and today I have stumbled across one which fits the bill...
  4. E

    DMS Remap

    Been looking around a few forums.. Some very good reviews for both Eurocharged MSL and DMS The price quoted from MSL and Eurocharged are pretty much the same But the price quoted for DMS for just there remap seems extortionate in comparison. anyone know how and why DMS get away with...
  5. B

    DMS 178mm Crank Pulley for M113K E55/SL55/CLS55 Engines

    Ready to ship! £400 delivered. Can arrange fitting and mapping. Will require at minimum a CM30 or uprated Bosch pump as well. Ideally a chargecooler though not essential. As fitted from new to my uncles car from DMS Automotive. Reciept to prove. This is the second version model.
  6. J

    DMS remap in a 63

    I have a standard Jan 13 C63. Been speaking to DMS who say they will remap it from 450 to 530hp with extra torque and more sensitive accelerator. They say it will knock 0.5 sec off 0-60 time and give a top end of 200mph, both these claims I am dubious about I ask, has anyone done this and...
  7. O

    C63 Remap Option confusion

    Hi every one this is my 1st post probably of many, so be nice :) I have been looking at remapping my C63, however there are a few company's that do the remap yet the gains advertised are all over the show?? for instance DMS, MRC expect around 510 - 520 bhp give or take 5-10bhp...
  8. d w124

    Happy Birthday DMS10000

  9. F

    DMS Automotive - BHP upgrade

    Hi guys, I am looking to increase the BHP on my W203 C220 CDI which currently has 142BHP. I have contacted a Mercedes dealer to have a Brabus control unit but was advised that they cannot do it unless I am being fobbed off as Brarbus used to do a tuning kit for the W203 CDI models to...
  10. M

    Anyone had DMS experience of mods on a CLS55?

    Hi Guys, Firstly i am a newbie so please forgive me if I could have found an answer via the search!:) I have a 2006 CLS 55, been going great for the past 12 months and it aint looking good for a change at the minute so had thought of a DMS remap? Does anyone know anyone who has experience...
  11. M

    DMS Automotive

    I emailed them asking about their products for the W211 E55 and W203 C55. For the N/A Engine they quote increased engine outputs of 399bhp and 398 lb/ft torque. The E55 Kompressor engined AMG has 2 stages: Stage 1 gives 518bhp & 537 lb/ft Stage 2 gives 585bhp & 590 lb/ft Has anyone used these...
  12. R

    BMW 335D M-Sport Coupe DMS

    I thought I'd post a few pics of my latest BMW. I took it to DMS yesterday to be remapped and the results are amazing :bannana:
  13. B

    Dms automotive.

    Anyone had any experience of dms automotive, they advertise in auto express, they say they can get me a 40hp gain for my E63 AMG. Is this right, and is it completly undetectable by merc as they say? Cheers guys.
  14. scotth_uk

    Anyone remember Steve (DMS 996 Turbo ) from Bruntingthorpe?

    For those of you that came up to Bruntingthorpe a while back for the track and high speed run day, you might want to cast your mind back to Steve - the Welsh bloke. Not content with his modified 996 turbo, he swiftly moved to a Ferrari F430. Bored with that, I have just heard that he's...
  15. B

    Brabus D6 or buy a E320CDI and send it to DMS

    What should i do folkes whats the better remap? How do these "chipped" vehicles perform in the real world compared to the like of the 535d and the E's big brother the E55. what torque values etc? speak soon Barrie
  16. Mambo

    EVO Magazine DMS 535d review

    From Evo magazine June 2005 DMS 535d Review
  17. Mambo

    DMS 535d 0-60 test

    :D To keep you going till I get a chance to get some proper runs this weekend 0-60 test (right click & save as)
  18. GrahamC230K

    DMS Automotive - C230K Chipping

    Just thought I would share some details I gained today. I am no expert on tuning, but have made a bit of a hobby out of investigating tuning prodcuts for the w202 C230 Kompressor. Today I spoke to DMS Automove "Discrete engine upgrades for European Cars" who you may have noticed seem to be...
  19. Richard W

    Alpin Tuning Box for sale (DMS supplied)

    I have an Alpin Tuning box, originally supplied by DMS, for sale. DMS Automotive It was fitted to a 2000 W reg W202 220 CDi and I understand it will fit other models. Rob at DMS should have the information if you're interested and have a different car. The box transformed my car with...
  20. J

    DMS diesel performance module

    I have a DMS performance module that was fitted to my ML270 engine. Wonderfull performance and smoothness. Cost 650 Looking for 250 Regards
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