1. BTB 500

    Can't access MB Club from home - DNS problem?

    Since last Friday I've not been able to access the Forum at home - every other website I can think of is fine. We were away for the weekend so it was only yesterday I realised this was only affecting me (since I couldn't find any mention of host server problems etc. here). I'm guessing this...
  2. jimti

    Open DNS

    I have just had a look at a site that recommends using open DNS to speed up Internet connection, trying it I found a big improvement on download speed. The question I want to know is, can this cause any problems and is it safe taking into account I am not 100% PC literate...
  3. A

    Domain registration / DNS Managment

    Trying to standardise to a single provider for domain names. The key thing for us is that we want to manage the DNS records (A record & MX record) for these domains ourselves via a web portal / control panel. We have about 12 domains at the moment and following a recent acquisition will be...
  4. Spinal

    What DNS server?

    Howdy! Two questions really, one I'll find out tomorrow by calling Virgin (good old blueyonder ditched me :p) the other is an opinion thing. - Does anyone know if Virgin/NTL/Blueyonder provide static IP's (even for a surcharge?) - What DNS server would you recommend? I've been using 1and1...
  5. R

    Problem with computer DNS

    Hi all can anyone help me? I have a problem that I can connect to a website by the IP address but not if i type the Domain name in. I have tried restarting DNS but stilkl no luck? Any ideas would be appreciated? Regards Ian
  6. Koolvin


    Ok who can come to these new forums by www.mbclub.co.uk ? you may need to hit refresh a few times :) Im on Blueyonder and looks like im on!
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