1. mercmanuk

    £30 to call the doctors for an appointment

    just received my online mobile phone bill,should be £15 month this month its £45.ive called my provider and they have said i called an 0844 number thats £1.50 per minute,turns out its my doctors.yes when you phone for an apointment and are held in a que for 20 minutes. 20 minutes £1.50=£30 i...
  2. npuk

    Windscreen chip repair? Use Glass Doctors!

    I needed to have a small chip in the windscreen repaired and also had a previous poorly carried out repair done by my insurers nominated windscreen repairer National Windscreens done back in March that needed sorting out. The chip was rough, still visible and not see through. After spending...
  3. A

    Any Doctors? Claiming tax back for courses / exams / professional fees etc

    Hello Recently my wife has another course to attend, asked to do this from work (she's a doctor). Now the course fee we 'should' apparently get back most of the (£690) but the exam, overnight accomodation in London and travel down we will not (around £700). We also have to pay out for a trip...
  4. D

    Doctors told they must report unfit drivers to the DVLA

    Previously they were advised only to consider whether they should tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they believed a motorist was potentially dangerous. But draft guidance published by the General Medical Council makes it mandatory for doctors to report any motorist to the DVLA if...
  5. Gollom

    Doctors - 58% more salary with 7 hours less!

    The new GP contract in England has cost the government £1.76bn more than predicted in its first three years but productivity has fallen, says a report. Practice partners now work seven fewer hours a week on average, but earn 58% more, the National Audit Office found. Look, I have no problem...
  6. A

    O.T. Question - Why do doctors slap babies?

    it knocks the d**ks off the stupid ones :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: oh dear, I suspect this may start a row :) Andy
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