1. V

    Vito 120cdi sport-x vs what V5 document says

    Hi guys, my V5 registration document says it's a viti 120cdi SWB A however it has the sport-x badges, brabus wheels and front bumper and chrome trims all around, 2 captain leather seats and all the extra gadgets including command satnav electric folding mirrors and auto lights/wipers etc...
  2. JeremyC

    CLS 55 AMG ID document

    Hi there, I think this post is in the right part of the forum - if not, would someone please let me know - gently. Have just swapped a 2005 CLS 500 for a 55-plate CLS 55 AMG - have only just got around to this post because - with the onset of winter (early morning frost) and salt slime all...
  3. andy27168

    WIS Document required, Help please

    Hi, I have just bought a new wing for my C43(55), and there was a note on the EPC to say that if the vehicle the wing was being fitted to was an AMG model or had AMG wheels it would require a modification to be carried out. It made mention of a WIS document, AMG 40, 27 "Installation...
  4. neilz

    W140 S320 Document wallet

    Does anyone have a document wallet for a 1997 S320? There are many of these on eBay: Mercedes Original Documents Wallet *NEW* W126 W124 W201 W123 W116 R107 Pouch | eBay but I'm sure it would have come with a nicer black one? Roughly £90 from Inchcape (I've enquired) - anyone have one cheaper?
  5. markjay

    Mercedes-Benz PDF document download

    Came across this near-endless list of unsorted documents (brochures, specsheets, etc): SysDOC - Explorateur de documents In case anyone is interested in this sort of thing. No search facility as far as I can see - so good luck...
  6. DSLiverpool

    Selling A Reg Plate Document - Puzzled

    Were about to go to the Lakes and on the way we are meeting a guy who is buying BDS 9 from me that is on retention, I have the ret doc but should I have done something first, there is no clear "sell your plate sign here" box just grantee and nominee. If anyones done it i would apprciate a...
  7. R

    Trackday @ Goodwood Document Read Please

    Hi Guys; Another mission re our two track days; I need all the people attending our two days at Goodwood, 29th April and 13th August, to print off or fully read the 3 no. attachments here, "Goodwood, H&S guidelines", "Goodwood driving rules" and "Goodwood general site information" I need...
  8. D

    Pictures into a Word Document

    Hello I have on a fairly regular basis a large number (150) photo's to mount into a document and then add short comments to. To date I have used software to re size these to a standard size and then copy and pasted into Word, adding comment above or below each one. This takes hours just on...
  9. A

    Putting the word Draft over a document in word

    Hello Wife is typing a document and wants to put Draft across it Its Office 2007 I've switched off and cannot remember. I can do it but a long way round there must be a simple way? Any advice
  10. Dieter

    Document flip

    Hi, All of a sudden this program called 'document flip' has appeared. When I'm typing it keeps popping up and it's driving me mad. I can find info about it on Google..but not how to shut it down :eek: Can anyone tell me how to shut it down (forever) :D :D . I have a Logitech wireless...
  11. A

    WIS retro fit document

    Hi all, I have today picked up an iPod itegration kit (MA204 870 28 90) for my W204. As suggested in an earlier post, I asked for a printed WIS retrofit document AZ82.60-P-00114CW or later. "Just go on to Merc website, it's all there although you will have to create a login etc, all free...
  12. D

    New registration document

    I received in the post today my new registration cert for the C class I picked up on Saturday, looked at the front page, fine. opened up to check the other details and I find I now also own a 1972 VW Beetle that is classed as historic, well at least they got the manufacturers country right...
  13. marcos

    New M-Class PDF Document

    Found this and thought it might be quite interesting to share with you guys.
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