1. X

    car registration documents scam?

    I am selling my CLK500 Convertible. I have been contacted by a prospective purchaser based in Paris (France) via an advert on ebay. She has only concluded 2 transactions a while ago. She rang me and discussed the car and discussed coming to see it in 10 days time (obviously I am not going to...
  2. shorty

    Missing registration documents

    Evening all I was wondering how I could find out the reg number of a bike from just the chassis number . The bike is registered in the North of Ireland , but the log book has been lost and the bike had been used as a track bike so there is no number plate on it .
  3. S

    what documents do i need before i can put new private plates on ?

    hi all, i have just recently purchased new number plates from the DVLA. i have recieved a V948 (authorisation certificate) new tax disc, V750 (DVLA receipt), and a new VT20 (MOT certificate) i have not yet recieved the V5 log book, can i still display my plates without this? Many thanks James
  4. flango

    Carrying documents whilst driving.

    Just watching a documantary on Surrey police and a traffic unit stopped a Vauxhall Carlton carrying 4 youths, whilst the officer was cautioning the driver he said " It is an offence not to carry your driving documents with you whilst driving" ? Since when? anybody had this said to them? I never...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    MB Tier 1 Warranty documents - got it handy?

    Urgent plea for help!! Anyone got the Tier 1 warranty booklet handy? I need to know if the cost of an MOT is included in the same way as it is on Service Plus. I've always enjoyed a complimentary MOT on our cars, but when I dropped my car off this morning I was asked how I intending to...
  6. W

    Genuine Mercedes Documents

    Was fooling around following a link from Miro's site and found this, seems to be called "Startuned". Sorry if posted before.
  7. PJH

    How Blondes print Word documents

    How Blondes print Word documents
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