1. The _Don

    How to invest in classic cars and dodge the pitfalls
  2. Borys

    My Dodge Ram exhaust sound

    Short clip, hope you like it guys Dodge RAM 4.7 ltr exhaust sound - YouTube
  3. Borys

    Dodge nearly finished

    Thought I would share Will do some more pics over the weekend if any interest also sound clip to follow Hope you guys like it
  4. Borys

    Not a merc - My Dodge Ram engine swap

    Just to share with you guys few pics. Got myself Dodge ram with dead engine - cheap Getting new engine in this week, fingers crossed will run 2morrow. Both engines side by side Empty engine bay New engine in :-) 2morrow final stage, hopefully will fire up no probs. Got 2 month...
  5. P

    Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Aveo hire car?

    This will sound like a muppet question... I have to hire a car for a USA conference (plus a holiday tagged on the end) so I need 2 weeks of wheels. Quotes: Chevrolet Aveo auto :o = £268 - 51 mpg according to the hire car website Dodge Charger auto :D is on special offer for £331 - 24 mpg...
  6. 312 Sprinter

    Dodge racing car transporter restoration

    Restoring a '40s race car transporter
  7. spock500

    Dodge V10 Viper motorbike

    This may well have been posted before, apologies of it has - You have to love the Yanks, 500hp and he is not wearing a lid :D Dodge Tomahawk Fast's Bike in the World - Video YouTube - Dodge Tomahawk
  8. DSLiverpool

    (Nearly) Got the Mrs A Dodge Nitro (I know I know)

    Anna had a Dodge Caliber SXT petrol and loves it (!) but its a bit thirsy and she goes to London every 6 weeks to see her dad and its a bit unsuited to the motorway. As she works at Clare House (local childrens hos pice) as a fundraiser the car is used like a van a lot and is often full of...
  9. Chattonmill

    Time to get out of Dodge

    So the S211 goes in for a service, I go outside to get into the loan car and :eek: WTF is that.......A Dodge Calibre:crazy: Possibly one of the worst cars I have ever driven, no power, horendous cornering, an indescisive gearbox and an uncomfortable driving position.....I thought they were meant...
  10. D

    How to dodge TV licence fee: just watch repeats on your computer

    I didn't know it legal.
  11. ANP320

    Dodge Calibre

    Anyone had one as a courtesy car? Should I be afraid?
  12. st13phil

    Dodge Challenger Reborn

    The iconic 70's musclecar is reborn :rock: Now all they need to do is ressurect the Challenger, paint a Confederate flag on the roof and put "01" on the doors and they could make a TV show to feature it ;) :D
  13. Steve_Perry

    Hamster's Dodge on ebay. I guess he didn't like it that much then. :crazy: S.
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