1. Dannyallen89

    Dodgy garage?

    Hi all just wanting some input had my c class now around 1month it had a not and b5 service before I collected it, Driving recently I heard a rubbing noise so put it in the garage they told me the tracking was way off (no big deal sorted) they then showed me the mot fail in March before I bought...
  2. Palfrem

    Dodgy email spam, but initially convincing

    Got an email purportedly coming from a company called Viktorsteel. "Dear Mr Full, correct name used, We are now processsing (sic) your order (nine digit number here) , please find your order details below: Your order has been placed and In Stock items will be sent to the address shown...
  3. S

    W202 dodgy interior fan speed switch

    My pre facelift W202 has a dodgy fan speed switch. If I twist it from zero to '1' or to '3' or any number etc it does the same fan speed which seems to be affected by bumps in the road. An entire used replacement heating section is fairly cheap and easy to come by but was just wondering...
  4. merc85

    Attention Dodgy advert Merc c55

    This car is advertised on Piston heads up North, think it may be a forum car. This is the add on ebay Rare 2005 Mercedes c55 AMG | eBay This is the Piston heads add Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C55 AMG for sale in Western Isles | Pistonheads
  5. D

    W124 MOT and ? dodgy 'specialist'!!

    I have a E280 estate 5 speed auto, 1995. Took it for service nearly 2 years ago and the local 'specialist' having spent £240 on the car told me it was nearly done! Leaking fuel tank, leaking rear diff, oil leak, neaded welding and petrol tank leak- the last one worried me the most so I parked...
  6. D

    New A208 owner - Dodgy seat controls?

    Hi folks I am a recent purchaser of a lovely 2000 CLK convertible, and have a bit of a problem with my electric seats. My switch (on the door) to adjust the driver's seat doesn't want to move it in a couple of directions (backrest up, base forwards). The motors are working fine, as the Memory...
  7. ash59fifty-uk

    Tesla- dodgy self drive Apologies if this has been seen already, made me chuckle though Could you trust a car to drive itself? I don't trust the missus driving let alone a car :eek:
  8. BAZ-500SL

    Dodgy boot lock w210

    Ello guys right got some issues with the boot lock on my w210, basically the original boot lock got snapped off so replaced it with one from the breakers but I never got the key for it and I think it was from a older w210 mine is a 2001, now I somehow managed to get pieces from old lock and the...
  9. merc85

    Dodgy e55k? Gumtree

    Seem to remeber this was for sale a few months back but it was around 10k then.:dk:
  10. C

    Shady Dude Asking for a lift - caught on camera

    I was driving a couple weeks back when some dude flagged me down asking me to get him out the area for some money. Not sure what he been up to, but the guy that was following him was on the phone to the police. 10 minutes later I was driving down the same road with police every where.I...
  11. 5

    Coolant level low - dodgy :(

    Hi, Had my engine rebuilt (about 6000 miles ago). The problem is that the coolant level tend to decrease after a lot of driving. This is definitely not normal. I was thinking that it might be a damaged head gasket but can't find symptoms The engine runs really great, starts the first time in...
  12. M

    dodgy wheels

    anyone recent purchaser of wheels from perry waterman. seems to bad news and bad deals. have started a court case but now he is claiming insolvency if enough people complain we can make sure he does not defraud others in future and can prevent him from being a director
  13. J

    S350 (2003) Dodgy Fuel Gauge

    Hi all, S Class 350 2003 W220 New owner and member here, I have spent the last few days reading nearly all of the threads which have been very useful but have a few problems that don't seem covered. I am going to post them individually hopefully in the right areas to see if anyone can...
  14. M

    W163 270CDI Dodgy MAF readings?

    I have a 2005 ML270CDI with 170,000kms on the clock. Never had a problem until recently when it started to toggle in and out of Limp Mode. We use an ELM327 OBDII scanner with EasyOBD USB software. When I start the engine, all OBD values (e.g. RPM, coolant temp, intake temp, manifold...
  15. P

    dodgy tyre caused pulling to left

    Can anyone explain why or how a tyre could become so different to its opposite side (identical make and age) that it caused my car to pull very strongly left? I was about to have a great deal on money spent on bushes and caster/camber alignment stuff :mad: when one last simple experiment...
  16. S

    m103 cam to find the dodgy ones....

    hi does the motley crew have any tips on how to quickly identify the cam lifters which are not working properly? If i took the rocker cover off and started the engine (warmed up) would it be evident from the noise? Or is there a clever shade-tree way of listening with a dutch cap and a...
  17. W

    Is this a 'dodgy maf'

    Hello all, Having probs - Engine running rich bank 1. Before - Engine running lean bank 1. This problem I found the PCV hose under the airbox perished. Changed it then engine running rich. Unplugged MAF and drove only fault was showing that the MAF low circuit. My understanding faulty...
  18. developer

    A dodgy Merc sale on The Sheriffs - BBC One now

    Anyone we know :eek:. The Low Mileage Centre.
  19. davidbilyk

    Dodgy Ebayers!

    Morning all, I've been hanging my nose over a set of 19" Brabus Split Rims on ebay, been to see them and they need a full refurb, anyway, that's not the point. They are 99p no reserve so I've been having a few bids on them, only to be beaten by the same bidder time after time, I got the...
  20. mark_le_b

    Dodgy CLS55?

    2005 MERCEDES CLS 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR SUPERCHARGED | eBay way too cheap??
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