1. lisa110rry

    Dogs Rule!

    We've previously shared pictures of our lovely dogs, so when I saw this on the BBC website: Sorry cats, doggos run the internet now - BBC News I thought it might be of interest to others, it's a tongue in cheek analysis of who rules the internet - dogs or cats!
  2. Abcan

    Lets see your dogs

    Got a lot of time for dogs. I have a whippet and a dachshund. What's everyone else got?
  3. Jeff666


    Made me smile. I love the cats total disdain.
  4. Alex

    How do you transport your dogs?

    Guys, Long story short, we're getting a beautiful purebred Labrador puppy next week. Lots of new gear, everyone's excited, fun times ahead. The question to you, experienced dog owners, is what is the best way/gear for transporting a puppy in a CL. I'm talking about taking him to my work place...
  5. Deane x

    A dogs dinner

    What a dogs dinner MERCEDES BENZ SLK 230K AMG (Supercharged) | eBay
  6. developer

    Going To The Dogs - Channel 4 now

    Though 1/2hr in. Utterly vile - some people must just be wired differently :mad:. It's very hard to watch - be warned...
  7. wobbly

    Lap Dogs !!

    I was driving along the A3 today by Tolworth on the way to vist a friend, when a Dark Blue SLK passed me. At first, I didn't believe what I saw, the woman driver had two dogs sitting on her lap, as we passed I got Mrs Wobbly to take a picture, you can only see one dog, but there was...
  8. brucemillar

    Any vets on here familiar with dogs?

    Quick question if I may. Not a full consultation.
  9. stwat

    Cats and Dogs

  10. jonnyboy


    Right chaps. It seems the resolve of Mrs dog-not-liking Jonnyboy is weakening so clearly I need to take advantage. It is already 3.5 vs 1.5 in the house so I am on the up etc. We already have two cats who live in the garage and are quite placid. We are under no illusions about the hard...
  11. A

    Protecting paintwork from dogs

    Anybody ged any suggestions for how to protect the paint on the upper surface of the rear bumper from the dog's claws as they leap into the back of my W210 estate? Getting rid of the dogs is not an option, according to the management. Are their any lacquer-type products that would do the...
  12. DSLiverpool

    Mersey police, skid pan, horses, dogs and the Chief Constable

    Even though I wanted to stay in my pit due to a chest infection I had a longstanding day booked with Merseyside Police to have a mini tour. We went to the skid pan first one of only a few police pans in the country. They teach coppers there and we went out in a BM 3 with switchable ABS. the...
  13. M

    So sad - one of our dogs passed away

    This is a note to dog lovers and apologies to those that are not.. some of you will know we have 2 lovable pugs - ... sadley last night Bruno passed away with no apparant cause - we were out with friends and returned home to find his lifeless little body on the kitchen floor. My wife found...
  14. X

    Police Dogs Die

    Sorry, but there is just no excuse for this "Nottinghamshire Police said the handler has not been suspended"....I'm sorry, but he should be taken to the cleaners for this....for heavens sake, he is a "trained" handler and should know better....I am paranoid about leaving my dogs in the car...
  15. E

    talking dogs :D
  16. graeme73s

    Cats And Dogs

    A few of you may remember that we sadly lost our big German Shepherd back in Easter and we were having a hard time deciding whether to buy another Shepherd and how our little Jack Russell who at that time was a year old would react to loosing his surrogate mother. Well all is well. All animals...
  17. graeme73s

    Your thoughts much appreciated re: dogs

    Happy Easter Monday to one an all. We have a bit of a dilemma which I would like to share and take your advice on. Our German Shepherd (Honey) is 14 and unless she has caught some sort of bug I reckon in the next day or so she will have to be put to sleep. A little history. Four years ago we...
  18. glojo

    Dangerous Dogs!

    There are a large number of dog owners on this forum and we usually tend to have healthy discussions on random topical news events. Dangerous Dogs! My own personal opinion is that it is NOT usually the dogs fault that it has become 'Dangerous.' Nine times out of ten it is the reckless owner...
  19. BTB 500

    Dogs in the sun today ...

    Took our five Border Collies for a New Year's day walk today ... nice and sunny so took the camera :) Oz (13 weeks old) Maisie (4 years old) Tip (8 years old) Sascha (9 years old) Tag (12 years old) Finally, the boys having a race
  20. M

    Dogs & Fireworks

    I am of the opinion that our 2 pugs are bonkers. we are keeping them as distracted as possible from the noise of fireworks out side by letting them in the lounge with us and plenty of background TV noise. all DG windows & doors & curtains closed etc . Last night They still barked a fair...
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