1. Headhurts


    So the other day I returned home with the shopping done, raised the tailgate removed said items to the side door. Opened the garage driving in when this awful grinding sound from nowhere occurred. I had forgotten to drop the tailgate (yes I know I'm a total idiot) Anyway on checking the only...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    doh! new wheels don't fit

    Hi guys bought a lovely set if 19" rotaforms for my Eclass I bought them second hand and they're 5/112 et45 - they fit the rear hub no problems but not the fronts due to the drive axle protruding so much! Could I buff the hole diameter so that they would slide over? Bloody raging
  3. D

    Doh! W211 E55 lost wheel lock key

    Doh! I think I've lost the security wheel nut key after changing the brake pads yesterday. It's got stock AMG factory fitted 18" alloys, on a twelve year old car. Any chance that the lock would be a factory item and I can order another using the VIN? Or more likely it would be a dealer...
  4. Robfen100

    Doh! I want my c350 back asap

    Well...nearly two weeks ago a fellow motorist of inadequate mental capacity or dubious knowledge of the highway code thought nothing of using the wrong lane (i.e on the right side of a keep left bollard) to turn right onto an A road, just at the moment I was pulling off the road at approx 50...
  5. BillyW124

    Doh, Doh and DOH!!

    "As in the description, this was sent to AMG, before it was done on the production line at Mercedes, to have the tuning and extras fitted". :doh: 1998 MERCEDES CLK 230 ELEGANCE KOMP AUT BLACK | eBay
  6. merc85

    s211 e55 doh...

    its a good job its not a 7 seater lol:D Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 5dr
  7. merc85

    Vw Golf Dartford crossing Doh...

    As above, Golf anyone?? nobody hurt im told:eek:
  8. edgejedi

    Low range on an ML270 - How does it work doh?!

    Howdy, so I know how to operate it and what of does, but how does the system actually work please anyone? Does it kick in specific bits of mechanics or is it just an electronic adjustment? I hear a clunk even I engage it so assume something actually moves? Curious!
  9. John

    Another dash cam post... D'OH!

    Change of underwear required: sNOJ0R6C88Q
  10. Peter DLM

    D'oh, accidentally brought this home instead of the Smart again.

    Not sure how I mistook the two :dk: A 350 CDi this time instead of the 450. I think the V8 TD is no more now :( 350 very very hushed and refined in this car. I'm got this for Saturday for a trip to Manchester airport to ferry some American biker buddies to Liverpool docks for their TT...
  11. Colin_b

    Doh! and double Doh!

    I thought I'd try some 'improved' headlight bulbs in my W204. They made almost no difference, and one failed almost at once. Ho hum. I went to put the old ones back, and realised I'd forgotten to put the covers at the rear of the unit back on and they had, unsurprisingly, disappeared. My...
  12. timwood2000

    Doh - left in a London Taxi

    Could kick myself, collected two quite expensive suits yesterday and after a late night at work, took a London Taxi home - except that whilst I got into the cab with two suits, I stupidly got out without them and by the time I realised, the cab had long gone. So cross with myself for being so...
  13. Dryce

    Date as Postmark Doh!

    Received a letter asking for some some information (nothing sinister) with a legal requirement to reply within 7 days It's headed 'date as postmark'. It's been sent by TNT mail - so no postmark. My first thought out of badness is to send a reply saying I can't comply and for them to send me a...
  14. M

    Doh! Where do I put the skis

    Ok, ferry, insurance etc all booked, but just discovered my W209 CLK Coupe doesn't have a ski bag fitted! Does anyone know where I can get a ski bag, or anyone have any secondhand used bars/racks available? 1 further question...the small bolts (?) used to hold the panel in place behind the...
  15. Druk


    :doh: Just bought a spare Nokia charger from ebay. BIN price of 0.99p with free second class postage. Fair enough. :thumb: Just arrived this afternoon and the postage alone cost the seller £1.17p Not including bubblewrap and jiffybag a loss of 18p. :dk: :doh:
  16. S9KSY

    DOH! I must've messed up interior light wiring

    E280 Estate Automatic W124 1995 I replaced one of the tailgate gas struts and tailgate function is now superb. However, the lights of the trunk, the d- and the c-pillars stay on. I tried all combinations of control switches (see below) with no response. I must have screwed somthing up. :doh...
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Got a new CLK DTM today - YAY!! Broken it already - DOH!!

    I had to think hard before posting this, as it really is the cause of much embarrassment. I thought by sharing the story though at least it might get it off my chest!! :o I've managed to resist the temptation of posting for 86 days now, but today was the day. The day MBClub got it's second...
  18. Satch


    Yesterday afternoon stopped off at Hellfrauds to get some screenwash. No luck because they were sold out apart from the pink premix stuff which I loathe on a number of grounds Back to car and on the way passed a crappy old Vectra with the bonnet up and a scruffy 50-something git refilling the...
  19. ringway

    Doh.. MS Access help please.

    I recently got a new laptop with Vista and MS Office 2007 pro. All new to me coming from XP and Office 2003. I loaded my Access Data Base and get the following error mesage: The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you...
  20. W


    Just typed up a mini how-to for a water pump replacement on the M113, and managed to lose it all :doh: :crazy: I think the problem was that I started it earlier on, and then when I clicked on preview it came up with an error because I'd logged on since or something :( Something to do with a...
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