1. developer

    Migrating a email domain name

    Hello guys, My current home office PC needs replacing - old, poor capacity, running Vista. It has Microsoft Office Outlook 2003-2013 where I access my [email protected] email account. If I buy a new desktop, what will I need to enable me to carry on using my [email protected]...
  2. C

    Domain investments

    Anyone sold or know of anyone who invest in domains?
  3. Harrythedog

    Advice needed on website and Domain name

    Last year I set up a website for my business using a comapny named EMS, the all in cost for web design and a years hosting was £100 +vat. It's a basic 4 page who we are and what we do sort of site and I transferred a Domain name I'd held for a few years to EMS for them to get the site up and...
  4. jwarren - domain name for sale

    I have the domain that I used last year to sell my car, and is now up for offers - posted here before fleabay etc. Email me for info
  5. M

    Selling a domain name - advice?

    Anyone got any practical/first-person experience of selling a domain name? A few years ago I bought one with a view to setting up a Web service (the name is the service, so its value is purely for people/companies in that area). But I've been far too busy with other work to even start on it...
  6. The Dent Guy

    Domain Name Pressure Selling Scam

    Hi guys and gals. Just thought I should warn you about a scam which was attempted on me today. Basically, an internet services or domain name registration company call you up and inform you that an undisclosed third party (unamed due to some offical sounding information act) has ordered...
  7. Spinal

    Free Domain:

    So I'm tidying up my domains, and it seems that I still have a domain I used for a demonstration in college a few years ago still registered in my name. Does anyone want ? You can have it for free, I believe there are another 100 or so day's left before its current...
  8. Spinal

    Domain Registration Details

    I have a quick question - I want to register a domain, but I don't want to be traced. The site I'm thinking of has to be anonymous (both for me and my users); and I would prefer to keep my name "off the record". If I chose to tick the omit my details from the whois registry; is there a way...
  9. A

    Domain registration / DNS Managment

    Trying to standardise to a single provider for domain names. The key thing for us is that we want to manage the DNS records (A record & MX record) for these domains ourselves via a web portal / control panel. We have about 12 domains at the moment and following a recent acquisition will be...
  10. Thmsshaun

    Domain Registration and hosting

    Been looking for web hosting and domain registration. A friends website is using this for their hosting 10GB of webspace, 100GB bandwidth per month. Seems a pretty good deal to me at £19.99 per year. However there domain is registered...
  11. W

    Domain Names - Help!

    Guys I've just started with a small company who are still in the dark ages when it comes to the IT side of the business and i need advice. The previous company I worked for was a national PLC who had a IT contractor division in house so in the past I've been used to having the latest of kit...
  12. imadoofus

    Domain Parking Question

    OK, I'm not selling anything here ;) ... I've listed some domains I have for sale and the site I've used suggests I park them there. They say I should use 'Name Server Forwarding', to the following: Primary Server Name: XY1.NOTHINGTOSEEHERE.COM (123.456.78.90) Primary Server Name...
  13. A

    oh dear - why you should register domain names

    As the launch of Internet Explorer 7 approaches it looks like Microsoft overlooked this one :)
  14. 5

    Domain Name For Sale :

    Details to follow.
  15. imadoofus

    Domain Names

    I've got some domain names that I may as well sell, but I don't know of any specific marketplaces. I know about Ebay and so on, but is there somewhere more 'specific' where I'm more likely to find a buyer at a decent price? Are there any buyers for this kind of thing anymore? Are domains...
  16. WLeg

    Domain For Sale I bought it last year ( when I had a W202) - now I've sold the car, I don't realy need the domain. Any offers, PM me. - It's currently registered with Easily.
  17. pammy

    Web site design, hosting, domain name

    I know there are a fair few members involved with a wide range of IT. I'm looking for help for my son's school web-site. The current free-service offered via the County Council is not very user friendly or accessible for visitors either - so they are thinking of going it alone. Any ideas...
  18. Kinky

    Domain Name registration

    A question to the floor please .... I want to register a new domain name (have done loads in the past - quick and simple process). However, I don't my personal details, or those of another individual or company associated with the domain name (if you do a whois search). Is there any way...
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