1. tron

    Domestic discord -again.

    The s202 has now had much of the suspension replaced as well as the front brakes. it still rattles and clonks over every bump though they are slowly beginning to decrease. Madam, however is not at all happy about the amount of time and cleaning up that working upon it entails and there is a lot...
  2. reflexboy

    DI vessel and domestic water softner

    Guys I'm a little confused- my water is 306ppm on the TDS meter straight from a mains tap. With the DI vessel containing Tulison MB115 that I have had for a few months it takes it down to 0ppm for car washing. I have today installed a Kinetico Aquablu home water softener and the tap feeding my...
  3. reflexboy

    Domestic Water Softener

    Guys/gals Just wondered what your views/advice was about a water softener for the home. I live in a pretty hard water area and have been considering one of these for a while. My colleague recommends the Kinetico range and suggested the Aquablu (Kinetico Aquablu water softeners | Water...
  4. guydewdney

    domestic cleaners, how much, how long?

    We employ what i consider to be the worlds slowest cleaner. Reliable, good cleaners are few and far between around here, so i must 'put up' with it, according to swmbo. so to clean 2 main rooms, living plus kitchen diner, plus hallway x 2, small bathroom, shouldnt take 4 hours, twice a week...
  5. nb_racing

    Domestic gas job

    I'm refitting my kitchen and moving the hob and so need to extend the copper gas main that pops up throught he concrete floor. Im happy soldering copper but I've never used a manometer to check for leaks. Can anyone advise on this? I've used glass cleaner spray on pressurised water pipes (in...
  6. brucemillar

    Domestic LPG Regulator Valve ?

    Folks I have LPG Gas at my home which is only used to supply a cooker hob. This runs of two 19Kg cylinders which sit outside the house and are connected via a switchable regulator (bolted to the wall of the house) which is connected to the cooker. The regulator is a simple switchable...
  7. D

    Domestic hydro electric power generation

    Does anyone know where I should start in seeing if this is feasible for our property. We have a fast flowing stream in our garden, and I would like to explore the possibility of trying to harness some of it's power to heat / light our house, or sell back to the grid. I've searched...
  8. reflexboy

    Domestic Air Con

    Morning all In the summer my bedroom is virtually unbearable. I get the sun full on in the morning, and if it has been a sunny day, the nights are unbearable. I have a portable AC unit which I have vented through the wall but 1-It doesn't lower the room temp enough(about 2-3 degrees in 3 hours)...
  9. whitenemesis

    Domestic Lighting Query

    Can a single gang light switch have two live feeds connected, so two separately fed lights can be switched as one? Scenario - A run of under-cupboard lights down one wall, light switch is on the opposite wall. New run of lights to be fitted on the same wall as the switch. Connecting new...
  10. W

    Domestic heating oil - boilerjuice

    Any Boilerjuice customers here? I get a weekly email from them showing the latest price. A zoomed in X-Y plot exaggerating the short term rise. Then a few words of comfort: What was this sharp rise? 1.5p on 59p base price. I like the service they offer, but they're coming across as a...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Domestic Energy Assessment

    A couple of weeks ago I had a Domestic Energy Assessment done on my flat which is meant to be law now when selling a property. I have just recived the Invoice for payment and he has forwarded on the report to my estate agents. Am I within my rights to request a paper copy of his findings as im...
  12. ShinyF1

    Domestic Water Softeners

    Hello all I am after some advice about putting a water softener on our domestic water supply. Aside from the scaling of appliances and pipes, the main reason is to relieve my eczema suffering wife and daughters, which hard water seems to aggravate. I have a terraced three storey house, with...
  13. R

    london domestic cleaning agency recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent cleaning agency in london? A friend has recently moved in and it will solve potential cleaning arguments. They'll be cleaning when.we're out of the house so trust and insurance are high on the agenda as they'll have my keys. Recommendations would be...
  14. E CLASS

    Domestic Astro-Turf

    Thinking about it as sick of re seeding lawn and having to bring it back to life every summer - this harsh winter has played havoc with bare patches all over the place. Have diligently dug out, refilled and reseeded the patches but am thinking about going the astro turf route. Anyone done...
  15. markjay

    US concentrating on domestic issues?

    Go to: Then click on The World Factbook Are the US loosing interest in the rest of the world? :confused:
  16. M

    domestic heating problem

    Boiler has been working fine and then about 15 minutes ago I noticed a loud humming. Went into garage and found boiler making a fairly loud humming noise thats its never done before. If I switch the thermostat on the old Apollo Fanfare30/50 from HIGH to OFF the noise stops. Noise reappears if I...
  17. S

    Electricians: domestic electrical help please

    Hi, Would appreciate some help; Wondering if anyone can tell me the specifics regarding an external weatherproof socket near to a bunded external heating oil tank. What is the closest the socket can be sited to the tank, please? Thanks for any help, Matt
  18. Londonscottish

    Hidden domestic speakers that reproduce proper HiFi

    Hi All I'm just about to embark on another major house refurb and SWMBO has expressed a dislike for my fantastic Monitor Audio's. So here we go again - I've got to look for some discrete speakers (that don't sound awful). Don't get me wrong - I don't mind satellite speakers for TV/Film...
  19. Jukie

    Domestic fuel prices

    Prices came down recently. Not by much, mind!! Anyone think/believe they'll come down again in the next 6-9 months? I suspect not with the price of oil creeping upwards again. :( Anyone work in the industry or a related area?
  20. coupe deville

    domestic lighting power consumption

    any electricians out there these two will not work with low energy lightbulbs 1 -domestic dimmer switches- do they save money if lights are set to dim or does the electricity that is not going to the light go thru the dimmer circuitry and still have to be paid for. 2 - touchlamps [bedside] first...
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