1. ShinyF1

    Donington Superbikes

    Heading over there today - does anyone have any suggestions as to the best place to watch at the circuit? First time watching bikes racing... Thanks Sean
  2. AMGeed

    MotoGP Donington Aug 2015

    I have just been given 3 tickets for next years MotoGP at Donington and I intend to take my daughter and her hubby with me. Got weekend tickets, so I need a hotel for 2 nights and this is where I am finding a problem. Nearly every hotel I have checked in the area is fully booked for that weekend...
  3. Steve A

    Mercedes Tackday at Donington Parrk

    Well Just got from a simply fantastic day out!! did anybody else on here go???? Drove down this morning in the C55 to sample the C63 at full chat. Landed at about 945am and went into the quickest breifing ecer on track saftey ( 5 mins top:D ) then out on track. Having never done a track...
  4. Guy

    DTM at Donington 2003

    I have never been to one of these races, but quite fancy going next year. The calendar for 2003 hasn't been published yet, but this year the DTM came to Donington in May. I thought I'd put a few links in here so you can do some investigating of your own. If anyone fancies it, just post your...
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