1. R129Melvin

    R129 facelift drivers side doorcard - Grey /dark wood

    The handle is worn but otherwise in generally good condition. I have seen used ones on Ebay for over £250 but I will take £80 cash on collection.
  2. Fireman Dan

    Removing doorcard W210

    Removing doorcard to replace module in door for front electrics any tips for removing as it has an airbag in. Where are the screws or does it inclip? Thanks in advance.
  3. Handydave

    W212 / C207 Door Card Removal / Rattle

    I've fixed an annoying rattle in the driver's door of my E Class Coupe. Here's how to remove the door card. 1. Remove 3 Torx screws. The first is behind a plastic insert behind the internal chrome door opening lever. Insert a screwdriver in the slot at the bottom of the plastic insert and...
  4. AMGry Man

    WANTED - SRS Airbag door-card 'plug' - 2002 C Class

    Hi, Anyone know where I might get a 2002 vintage 'SRS Airbag' plastic trim plug for the interior door card? The clip has perished and falls out! Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards BW
  5. un1l

    Desperately Seeking Diagram/Instructions For Removing doorcard on CLK (1997 - 2002)

    Hi Guys, I have had a problem with the checkstrap on my door and now need to remove the door card to replace it. how to remove the doorcard; I remember someone on the forum having a similar problem with the CLK Convertible although the diagram they had was a little different. I really want...
  6. N

    NEEDED 190E Orion Grey Doorcard

    I'm looking for a N/S rear doorcard in Orion Grey (a sort of light Dove grey) for a 190E with a leather interior & electric windows. The door card is plastic "lookalike" leather with no cloth insert. Must be non peeling & in very good condition. I already have a peeling one! If anybody has...
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