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    Fitting colorcoded doorhandles

    I bought this part, the plastic cylinderlock cover with the IR sensor. Can I buy the door handle separately? And connect it with the IR cover? Can I remove my doorlock cylinder from my stock black colored doorhandles and integrate it to my new colorcoded cover? Now I need to find those...
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    Swapping to colorcoded doorhandles

    I've got a whacky idea. I wanna change my outer doorhandles to colorcoded ones. Does doorhandles from a 210 E class fit? I hope they are bolt on? I think it's better to get factory painted doorhandles than taking of my stock black ones and give em' to the paintshop so the paintshop...
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    W202: Plastic interior doorhandles?

    W202: Plastic interior door pulls? One of the few things I don't like about my C43 are the cheap and nasty plastic interior door pulls. Does anybody know if it can be replaced with proper leather OEM items, or will I need to have it retrimmed somewhere? Thanks!
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