1. SteveFromAvantgarde

    Classics At The Castle: Sherbourne Castle, Dorset.

    Hi Everyone, For those who don't know me I am Steve, I am a usual poster on "the other Mercedes Club forum" (steve@avantgarde if you want to say hi there) but I thought I would post this event here as it should be a cracker. July 15 & 16 at Sherbourne Castle in Dorset is the annual...
  2. N

    BARGAIN - BE QUICK. Great Dorset Steam Fair

    This is an ABSOLUTELY HUGE steam rally held from August 25-29th. Adult tickets for this are normally £16.50 in advance, £20 on the gate. Groupon have them at £10.95 per with a special discount of £10 using the...
  3. ivorcally

    Recommended indie in Poole, Dorset

    Hi, just a quick note to recommend the independent MB workshop StarTech in Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset. We took our C180 in with an aircon problem and the guys fixed it by resetting the code for free - and treated us really well! We are very impressed!
  4. D

    Hi from Dorset

    Just bought myself a used W204 and looking forward to hanging out with you lot for the next few years of happy ownership, I have already used the information on this forum to make what I hope is an informed choice. Cheers Den.
  5. M

    new from poole,dorset

    just now joined my name is mowuk I live in the not so sunny south poole dorset. I own two Mercedes a 2001 280 s class in silver one previous owner a mint 44k car, the other a 1991 2lt 190e in white a77k car in top condition
  6. M

    Dorset, late august break - need some recommendations

    Hi Guys & Gals - need the expert (collective) advice/recommendation from this group on where to stay. My son wants to go fossil hunting, so planning to stay down near Lyme Regis over the bank holiday w/e. Where would you stay? do you guys have any recommendations? Cheers Pete
  7. H

    Servicing new(ish) cars - Dorset

    Hi, I'll be doing approximately 5,000 miles a year in my new E250 estate. I think MB do a fixed monthly price service for £30/month (£360/year). In the past I have found out that dealerships charge a lot for a rushed service where things have been overlooked. I understand that there are...
  8. Costabunny

    Hi from Dorset

    Hello everyone. I have my first Mercedes of my very own - she is a 2001 C270 auto that I rescued from obscurity. coming from a V70 D5 as I just cannot deal with small cars. as with all my cars, I like to participate in the forums, tho I had to trawl a few to find this one (like I am...
  9. Chalpkin

    Wheel refurb in dorset.

    As the title suggests, does any know of a reputable wheel refurbishers in the county? Regards, Chalpkin.
  10. S

    Hello from E320 Sport Estate owner in Dorset UK

    Hi all , been reading info on this great site for a while so thought it time I signed up. 1st MB for me & owned since Feb, one owner full MB history now with 150k just passed.
  11. M

    New CLK320 owner in Dorset

    HI guys, I picked up my CLK over the weekend (15 hour round trip to Cheshire from Dorset) and I'm really very pleased so far! Found a few niggles on the way home, but hopefully nothing that can't be sorted relatively easily.. Drivers seat wont move - hoping fuse or motor? Heated rear window...
  12. A

    Mercedes Specialist West Dorset

    None have a recommendation for an MB specialist near Dorchester? Thanks
  13. J

    Dorset Mercedes Driver

    Finally, 35 years after singing Janis Joplin's Oh Lord song, I've got me a 2001 C Class, its got a few issues, I'm sure you guys will help me with, bot Oh do I love driving her!
  14. AMGeed

    Startech.. Poole.. Dorset

    Just had a CPSensor fitted at Startech on my E280 prior to selling and it's a thumbs up for them as an alternative indi' in my area. Car dropped off at 12 30pm and a phone call at 15 10 advising the car is ready. Couldn't do the customer car wash as the heat is too high and I would just have...
  15. johncook109

    To Dorset members.

    As a new member to Mercedes and the MBClub I just thought over the next few months (as the weather is improving:bannana:)I would like to chat and maybe metup with like thinking members in Dorset:D. I have added just a few simple changes to my barge but would love to continue.:thumb:
  16. Chalpkin

    Merc independent in Dorset.

    Does anyone know of a good independent close to Bridport in Dorset?
  17. H

    Hello from not so sunny Dorset

    I recently brought a 1999 CLK 230K for my wife as her Mid Life crisis gift . The car is basically in good condition but there are a few interior trim pieces I want to replace along with an upgrade to the sound systenm. I used to have a 2001 CLK Coupe 230K so it all seems familiar I think. I have...
  18. M

    Mercedes Specialist in Dorset

    Anyone looking for a trusted indie to service their Merc, carry out fault diagnosis or just generally chat to about what the best option for their car would be, I can highly recommend Terry Sheppard of TJS in Gillingham, Dorset Took my car there today to read some fault codes and was pleasantly...
  19. MB-BTurbo

    Anyone live in Bournemouth, Dorset?

    I have been looking for a tailgate for my B class and this one has cropped up. Before I enter into any more discussion I was wondering if anyone lived there who wouldnt mind having a look at it ensuring there are no scratches, dents rust spots etc. MERCEDES BENZ B CLASS 5 DOOR BOOT TAILGATE...
  20. C

    Hello from Dorset.

    I have just changed my motorhome to a Rimor (Italian) which is on a MB 316 CDI Sprinter. It drives like a dream with a 2.7 engine and a manual gearbox. It is a 2002 year with 23,000 miles on the clock. Hopefully I will not need the expertise of other members here but just in case I thought I...
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