1. DazNich

    Black Dots on Wheels (C63)?

    Hi, Just purchased an almost new (14 plate) C63 Coupe, what a car this is! On each wheel there is a small black dot on the rim, it feels a bit rubbery and I'm not sure what it is, any ideas? The wheels are 19" and black, the rim itself is silver. I can get a pic if nobody has a clue...
  2. Gollom

    Glue dots?

    I have a fancy tax disc holder that needs glue dots to fix to windscreen. In the past 2 cars it has been used with the dots I had and was fine. The new ones I got just melt when warm and I can't remember where I got the original ones. Any thoughts?
  3. Horrgakx

    iPhone OS4 calendar coloured 'pips' or dots

    I've upgraded my 3GS to OS4 and I've now got coloured 'pips' or dots to the left of all entries. Blue is my "calendar" and red is "birthdays". I don't see why I need the dots but I can't seem to remove them. Anyone seen a solution to this please?
  4. bahamars

    White dots on the paintwork.

    Whilst doing my weekly clean of my car yesterday I noitced about 20 or so white dots over the front of the car - bonnet, windscreen, front wings and drivers door. On close inspection i found that they were dots of paint or something. They had set solid and were about a 1mm in diameter but...
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