1. S

    Faulty Double Din DVD

    Double din dvd, cd, sd, radio, satnav, Bluetooth. Stopped powering up on me, cant afford to repair. Could be a simple fix for an autoelectrician. No blown fuses. Nothing looking burnt. Doesn't include wiring harness but includes sat nav unit and Bluetooth mic etc. Can email pics. Any...
  2. S

    Aftermarket double din replacement for a 2004 CL203

    Hi, I have a 2004 C320 Coupe, which I believe its code name is CL203? It has a Comand unit. I think it's the NTG2. Has anyone replaced this with an aftermarket solution, like a JVC KW-M730BT or Kenwood DMX-7017DABS ? I'm interested on being able to use Car Play or Android Auto but just...
  3. L

    A169 single or double din??

    Hi I have a 2006 A169 with a single din Audio 5 unit. Some 2006 A169's have a double din.....Can mine take a double din if I get the right trims? Ta
  4. DanMorgan

    W210 Double Din Command Unit

    £120 for forums members :thumb: eBay Listing
  5. chubbs111

    double din stereo

    has anyone purchased an eon or xtron stereo,im looking at replacing the one in the clk but would like views first,i picked these 2 because of price.
  6. M.A.94

    W210 double din headunit facia

    So I have been looking to upgrade my headunit for a while and have been focusing typically in the single din market. I've not come across anything which has the spec I am after along with a nice look. Double dins on the other hand I see them going all the time for decent prices and with more...
  7. clk320x

    Kenwood DNX4230BT Double Din

    Kenwood DNX4230BT double din Only been installed for a few months MINT condition, boxed as new Good unit with Garmin satnav , Bluetooth etc I will Be moving back to OEM hence sale. RRP £600! PM me if interested with an offer ;) Also have the steering wheel interface for...
  8. clk320x

    W209 double din

    Hi just had a quick question, Is anyone aware whether the Comand on a w209 2003 clk uses quadlock or ISO As the quadlock adtermarket steering adaptors say 2004+ The Audio shop said to buy: Connects2 Ltd Very confused could someone help? Cheers
  9. mark_le_b

    Double clutch gearbox.....?

  10. P

    Aftermarket Double Din

    Hello I want to fit a branded aftermarket unit pioneer/kenwood. Main reason is USB slot and Bluetooth. I'm a complete beginner at this so please bear with me: How easy is it to remove the current unit? An aftermarket unit will physically slot straight in? The trim surround is my main...
  11. P

    Vito W639 Double from fans

    I there, I am rather new to this forum and would appreciate your help. When I turn the ignition on both front fans come on at high speed and stay on. Does anyone know what is going on with this? Many thanks Pete
  12. F

    Wanted - 19" Double 7 Spoke Wheels

    Hi Am looking for 4 x 19" Double 7 Spoke Mercedes wheels to go on my W212 E350 CDI Saloon. Pic below. Thanks
  13. brucemillar

    Double Garage Door to Paint.

    Folks I have a large double width, up and over, metal garage door that I wish to paint. Well that's partly true. My wife wishes me to paint it. Any pointers to the best method to get a nice smooth finish. using a proper painter & decorator is not a workable solution as Mrs M is firmly of...
  14. D

    W220 Audio 10 Cassette replace with Alpine Double DIN q

    Hello All I am now the proud owner of a 10,000 mile 1999 W220 S320 :) It is in as new condition and the only thing I want to change is the head unit - currently it has an Audio 10 cassette head unit, I want to fit an Alpine W925R double din head unit. Questions: * Does the rear of the Audio 10...
  15. Palfrem

    Weapons grade double sided tape?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is the best make ( and where to buy) of double sided tape to use to stick trim bits and rubbers back on with please? What do they use in the factory I wonder - something by 3M? Many thanks
  16. toffee-pie

    Ditching Comand 2.0 for double din upgrade.

    Right Is is easy to retro fit a 21st century head unit, ie AlpineINE W9900BT or similar and keep existing steering controls? Will I lose any OEM functionality? The bonus of this is I can finally make use of that camera in my rear bumper. I do have BOSE amp / speakers, is it difficult to...
  17. B

    Double Din swap

    Hiya New here so this maybe belongs in classifieds? Anyhoo I have an E320 S210 on a 2001 plate with the Comand 2.0 system, anyone have an aftermarket stereo to swap? The Comand seems to work ok, it plays CD's, radio works, i have no navigation discs to check the satnav or the required 'phone kit...
  18. Doodle

    Kenwood DNX7210BT double DIN navigation head unit

    As I've got no use for it for the forseeable, it's time for this high end Kenwood unit (£1k when new) to find a new home. Packed with features so you can play pretty much any type of media 7" motorised detachable double DIN touchscreen DVD player Parrot bluetooth connection, plus streaming...
  19. M

    Special edition Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC For F1 double triumph

    From the press release: Affalterbach. It doesn’t get any better: with victory in the constructors’ world championship as well as the drivers’ championship plus runner-up titles clocked up by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team has achieved the ultimate...
  20. R

    4 W205 C63S genuine AMG 19" 5 double spoke alloys + black AMG hub caps.

    I have a set of genuine AMG alloys for sale. They are the 19" 5 double spoke wheels which are an option on the W205 C63 and standard, I think, on the C63S. Not sure if they'll fit other W205 C class models. The rim widths are 8.5 and 9.5 with offsets of 38 and 56. The wheels have never been...
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