1. Gucci

    Double DIN

    Looking around at some of these double DIN units, some with full 7" touch screens - I have two questions... 1. Will they fit into my ML (W163) where a Comand would fit 2. None of the specs mention removing the fascias for they come off?
  2. H

    W202 Double Din unit

    Does anyone know of a source of a Ddouble DIN radio adapter to fit a facelift W202? I have a radio sat nav and a 6 disk auto changer I need to fit.
  3. Deker

    Double Din Facia

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place as it sort of fits with the electrics... Does anyone know if it's possible to get a double DIN facia for a 2006 C class? I've had enough of waiting to get a decent iPod connection to my COMMAND unit (and bluetooth phone conenction for a n95) so I'm...
  4. A

    Double garage for £575,000 in Chelsea!

    A double garage for £575,000!. Okay, it's got additional driveway space for an additional four cars, but this goes to show what the London property market can be like. £575,000 still buys quite a substantial house in many towns / cities...
  5. pammy

    Anyone know about uPVC double glazing?

    OK - first of many :D The house I have just bought has fulluPVC double glazing. BUt it's quite old and has that horrible black beading which seems to be perishing. How easy/difficutl is to replace the black with white and any idea how much it might cost? Also the front door is a uPVC jobby...
  6. reflexboy

    Lost Double Bill

    Does anyone know when the Lost double bill finale series 2 is on? Is it just me or was it meant to be tonight? (Tues.3rd)?
  7. amwebby

    Double glazing problem - has anyone ever seen this?

    Double glazed tinted windows delaminating The tint on the double glazed windows of my CL500 is delaminating at the edges. Has anyone come across this and is there an easier fix than replacing the windows?
  8. L

    Double glazing

    Can anyone recommend a double glazing installer (either in the North West or national) Time to bite the bullet and get my wood double glazing replaced (roughly translates to, I cant be ****d to paint them again!) Cheers Mark
  9. glojo

    Seeing Double

    This picture has not been altered for the sake of making a good story, my son has just taken it because it is so funny. These two lamp posts are sited at the beginning of our avenue and there is literally less than 1 metre between the two!!!! John
  10. 230K

    Cigarette lighter double socket

    Hi Does anyone know where i could get a lead that would allow me to plug in more than one appliance to the cigarette lighter? Thanks, 230K
  11. C240Sport97

    AMG Style IV Double Spoke Seller tells me that ET (offset) for front is 30 and rear is 39 If it suits your car, looks like a good buy.
  12. R

    Double underlined links???

    Why are all sorts of things suddenly being double underlined on my computer. They link to stuff even when I dont want a link. ..............most importantly how do I turn it off?
  13. wallingd

    Double treat @ Grimsby dealer today!!!

    Sorry can't find the CLS thread - I guess it's been deleted because we've just about all seen them now the subject has dried up, but thought I'd have a zip out this afternoon to our dealer in Laceby - and what did I see?
  14. R

    Double cigar lighter socket

    Anyone know where I can get one and if they are ok to use? I need my Origin Blue on all the time. Cheers Rirhill
  15. P

    sat nav system (double din)

    friend of mine is selling his sat nav system. its originally from a honda crv but hes had it fitted in his clk for a while. its a double din (same size as command) unit and is made by alpine. its dvd based so has whole of europe on one disk,comes with gps antenna and 2003 nav dvd,all wiring and...
  16. P

    'Double DIN' Mounting frame for Comand Unit

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a 'double DIN' sized mounting frame for my Comand? The Comand is presently simply pushed (slid) into position in the aperture. It looks OK but I am concerned how easily it can be removed. I have tried Halfords etc, they all seem to stock the single DIN-E...
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