1. S

    Comand - Warning about using downloaded update disks

    This is my first time on a forum so please forgive any errors. I just wanted to make the effort to warn other people about downloading update disks for their comand from the internet. I have done this a few times with no problems. But the latest venture will be very costly as my comand now...
  2. S

    Making Sense of Data Downloaded from Instrument Cluster

    We have a list of the entries downloaded using STAR DAS from the Instrument Cluster and just trying to work out what each of the entries mean. Some are obvious like km, days and distance since last service. Others are less clear. Can anyone enlighten me about the following: Tester...
  3. Benzowner

    Unavoidable downloaded program

    I was on the internet, and when I came off there was a program saying I had several trojans which could cause problems with my PC. I have Adaware, Norton Antivirus and Registry Mechanic, ran all of them and cleaned everything up, except a program called Spywareblocked. I removed it from...
  4. DanW

    Playing downloaded music in car

    Got one of these in my SLK Is there any kind of adapter I can fit to allow me to plug in my Sony MP3 player and play my downloaded music?
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