1. developer

    Starting The Engine During "Downtime"

    When the snow's down, my car doesn't leave the drive. Let's assume it won't move for a number of weeks (like last year). Do I take the battery off, and will it have any adverse affects on electronics when disconnecting/re-connecting? If I leave the battery on, should I start the car...
  2. Maff

    Forum Downtime

    We're back! There maybe another blip of downtime on Monday whilst we make some final changes, but for now we're alive and kicking... Getting withdrawal symptoms for a moment there :crazy:
  3. Maff

    *** IMPORTANT: Forum downtime Weekend 20th March ***

    Hi All, Just a quick message you let you know the forum maybe unavailable from lunchtime on the 20th March. We are changing the IP address of the server this forum is hosted on, mainly to improve performance. Should you be un-able to reach the forum from the normal
  4. Koolvin


    discuss the Downtime here. I got into work extra early today so I could restore all the SQL files and PHP/HTTML templates!
  5. Koolvin

    [Downtime] 28th December 2002

  6. Koolvin

    [Downtime] 27th December 2002

    Msg from hosts.... Down time 27/12/2002 Hi At 9:00am on the 27/12/2002 we experienced a massive influx of bad traffic known as a DDOS attack (If you want to know what a DDOS attack is please visit DDOS Explained ) This was not a small attack, it was in the region of 800mbit which not...
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