1. uumode

    C43 AMG beats two C63s AMGs in drag race?

    C43 AMG in this drag race beats two C63s AMG in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmCoycGkZqE
  2. merc85

    North Weald 8th may RWYB Drag racing

    Anyone else going? I will be taking Brutus of course:D Would be good to see some other Merc's. Sunday 8th of May, Get there early to que as it gets Very busy outside the gate even at 7.30am, Maitland Racing - North Weald Test & Tune Calendar The only thing you need to race is £10 for...
  3. N

    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    Hi folks, Here is another video for the A45 drivers (you will be pleased)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs_Md5v_e9M This a45 is an animal from start line.
  4. N

    Drag race with some of the best AMG cars...

    Hi everyone, Just seen this youtube video doing a drag race with all current AMG cars - interesting to see how they perform at the start and finish line. I won't say more, but was impressed with the A45amg... Video just released by Matt from carwow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-HAJ9x70HE
  5. Herishi

    E280 at the drag strip

    After getting Acid @ MSL to do his magic on my e280 I thought it was about time I took it to a drag strip to see what it would do:-) https://youtu.be/-gT9ZUYAE-I See video compilation link above and a special thanks to merc85 for the trackside video and support :-) Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. Herishi

    North Weald drag 31st July

    So I'm off to test out the derv after it had some of Acids loving attention. :-) Anyone else going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. MissyD

    North Weald Drag Racing Sunday 5th June 2016

    All welcome at North Weald Drag Strip, Essex, CM16 6HR on Sunday 5th June 2016. Come along to race or just spectate. Always a great day out. A few of the guys on here are going and some from MBO.
  8. 7om

    CLS55/E55 Rear Drag Wheel + Tyre setup

    Hi, I've noticed one or two of these going up for sale over the last few years. Does anyone have any kicking around they don't want or know where I can a reasonably priced set? I know Fabtech (US) do a read drag wheel setup but shipping kills the deal as usual.
  9. O

    W202 Front Wiper Drag

    The front wiper on my 1997 W202 is dragging and slowing in the middle of its passage across the screen. I have fitted a new blade prior to this happening, am I to assume that the motor has had it?
  10. M

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing - Video

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing E6LDHpNk4eY
  11. KevinN

    R129 Drag Link Balljoint dust cover split

    I have just been told by MB that the dust cover (gaiter) on my R129 SL320 steering drop link balljoint is split. It was OK in June when I had the car MOT'd. MB want £419.80 plus VAT because they insist on fitting a new drop link assembly ! I only want a dust cover. Does anyone know where I...
  12. The _Don

    Launch control drag race – C63 AMG S vs M4 vs 911 GTS vs Polo

  13. The _Don

    What Cant a C63 AMG Beat in a Drag Race?

  14. Billy albert

    Drag wheels

    Does any body have any drag wheels and tyres for c class for sale?
  15. U

    r170 230 slk issue with ball joints, steering drag link or something else?

    Hi all, The wife's slk flagged up bearing play at mot. I replaced both front hubs and set to 0.01 - 0.02mm of float with dial gauge. However I don't think the garage diagnosed correctly, as with new hubs, if I grab the wheels at 3 and 9 o'clock there is play (pulling one hand in and the other...
  16. ACID@MSL

    C63 Stage 3 Weistec Drag Run 10.7 @ 134Mph @ mslperformance

    After a Rubbish start to the day the drag track was opened at 3pm till 5pm due to the fog!!!!! But we manged a few runs....... Best Run for the MSL monster C63 Weistec Stage 3. 10.7 134 mph I did get a few 10.8 and 10.9 but I need more practice, better conditions and time to Run the car...
  17. ACID@MSL

    Drag Strip 12/10/2014 Shakespeare County Raceway

    Last Minute Drag Racing If anyone is Free we will be there testing a few cars :) Hope the weather is good...:crazy: Shakespeare County Raceway Long Marston Airfield, Campden Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8LL Acid
  18. merc85

    North Weald Drag Racing?

    Just wondered if any of your peeps are going to this? https://www.facebook.com/events/302255463280320/ Been a few times with the Volvo lot and its a good day out, £10 entry and £25 per car and driver to race as many times as you like.
  19. R

    Clk drag link replacement

    Hi everyone new to the forum and need a bit of advice just bought cheap clk 320 c208 and need to change the centre drag link assembly . Has anyone changed one and does it clear the sump ok. ? Thanks for and help
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