1. A

    Battery keep draining

    Hi, I have C-CLASS C200 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY EXECUTIVE SE AUTOMATIC 2010 my car battery keep draining every day I googled and found replacing battery will not help, something is running even after parked the car. Please advise Thanks
  2. peanuts

    ML270CDi Fuel draining back to tank

    Hi Friends, Due to a change in circumstance I now have to park my ML facing up-hill on my drive and it appears that the fuel is draining back to the tank as it takes ages to start which it never did (and doesn't) facing downhill. With a full tank it will still start OK but at 1/2 to 3/4, no...
  3. Hawkwind

    Battery Draining

    Hi there guys, The battery on my car (CLK320 W208), is getting drained after 5/6 days parked up unused. It jump starts and charges up fine, so I doubt I have an alternator problem, on tick over the battery reads about 13.98V, once fully charged the battery reads 12.27V. Today I attached my...
  4. C

    Draining the torque coverter on a 722.6 box

    Planning to change the ATF on my brother's S203 this weekend, and going to empty/flush the TC as well. Few questions... - when you disconnect the cooler feed pipe from the TC, how much force does the oil come out at (from the TC) - ie do I need to put a funnel or pipe up to the hole to catch...
  5. D

    look at this adaptor for battery to keep battery from draining thieves off good price

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  6. B

    W209 key fob battery draining

    Hi Guys, I've got a weird problem with my key fob. The batteries are draining after just over a week. Could there be a short?
  7. Somebody

    Fully draining power steering system (500sec)

    There doesn't to be much info about these cars. I tried looking everywhere for a workshop manual, but it seems even Haynes don't make one for the 126 or s-class, which is kinda annoying. So far the only manual I found was on ebay and sold on CD, and that only covers a few basic maintenance tasks...
  8. D

    Draining w202 c250td tank

    Local mechanic has tried but there is still stuff left in. I was trying to run it on vegetable oi and it wasnt filetered properly and it blocked the pipes and car ended up stopping totally Now do i TOTALLY empty/drain the tank and of whatever is left as after garage chlaimed they had...
  9. D

    W210 300td something seriously draining battery any ideas???

    Hi, I have an 1999 e300td the car has been fine part from now something is draining the battery really quickly, the battery is only a few months old and I've tested it and its fine If this is a common problem does anyone have any ideas??? Thanx
  10. noogieman

    Something is draining my battery on my C43?

    I took my car out from hybernate 1st of April. Took it to my MB guru mechanic for an A-service. It's been there for 3 weeks now because he's a busy guy. He recently began working on my car. My tech told me something is draining my battery and that my battery was flat several times and he's...
  11. S

    W203 Battery draining

    Recently, on starting my car the battery has been completely flat. I've managed to get friends over to give the car a jump start, and have taken the car for a spin to charge the battery. Everything is fine for a few days, then, again the battery is flat. So another call to a friend and a jump...
  12. m2287

    2001 C200 kompressor draining battery

    Right so Ive had a c200 kompressor for around 3 months. Went to get in it around 2 weeks ago and it was completely dead so I went and bought a brand new bosch battery for it. Put the battery in and it was fine for 10 days, used it every day without problem. I didnt have to use the car for 4...
  13. G

    Battery draining?

    Hello guys, Been having a problem recently with my CL500 ... seems to drain the battery below 9.0V in 3 days ... of sitting. I have charged the battery on my charger yesterday ... and today the battery was showing 12.8V ... I suppose better than nothing I have recruited a friend with...
  14. R

    C220 CDI Coupe Battery Draining Problem

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum & the world of MB (well apart from an A Class my wife had a few years ago but we won't go there!) and need your knowledge already! At the weekend I bought a 2002 C220 CDI Coupe auto with 82k on the clock and full dealer service history - nice car and being as I...
  15. N

    mb-2 draining battery ?

    Do i have to disconnect the mb-2 viseeo from the uhi connector to avoid battery drain ? The reason i ask is that i connected it up to my phone today but noticed come the evening that it was flashing away like a good un even when the car was locked and no phone to connect to. I assumed i could...
  16. R

    w203 cdi constantly draining battery power

    My w203 220cdi battery is constantly going flat. It doesnt hapen within a few hours but if left for over about 8 hours or so it will start to show signs of strugling to start and any longer than that it doesnt start at all. Been on star at mercedes and it is not any sams. I also found out...


    hi guys, my father owns a C270 CDI 2003. just recently it has been draining the battery when sitting parked up, nothing has been left on and there doesnt seem to be anything stuck on or staying on whilst parked. he has it with an indy at the moment and he reckons its losing 20-30 amps whilst...
  18. johnsco

    Draining diesel fuel - w210 e300td

    I have the above car, which is now a front-end write-off, but has about 80 quids-worth of diesel in it. Can anyone guide me to the best way of draining it off for re-use. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    Draining Oil from Torque Converter 722.8 CVT

    Want to do auto oil change on A160 cdi auto box but dont understand how the oil is drained from torque conv, the WIS says, connect breather pipe (Pt No 722 589 00 90 00) to hand pump and slide the breather pipe into torque conv. But exactly where does the pipe go maybe into drain screw hole can...
  20. A

    Draining coolant from W203 cylinder block

    Hi all, this is my first post on here after purchasing my 2005 c180k avantgarde 3 weeks ago. It was due a service when i bought it so being fairly competent with a spanner i thought i'd give it the works. It's only done 22k but i thought i'd treat it to the following. renewed oil and filter...
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