1. brucemillar

    C55 W203 Wagon - Sunroof Drains ?

    Friends Can anybody tell me please, where the sunroof drains are to be found on my C55 W203? The car steams up heavily on all windows, when it has/is raining. It is not the windscreen scuttles ar the AC drain pipes and I found no evidence of water ingress in the usual places (boot cubby's...
  2. T

    Water drains.

    Had a problem with my fuel filler cap drainage recently, after a couple of attemps using wire, without much luck, i remembered we had some Mr Muscle drain cleaner/unblocker under the sink, so after three goes at it, it cleared and was well pleased. Not saying it would work on other drainage...
  3. reflexboy

    R172/SLK Condensation, water drains

    I appreciate the weather has changed for the worse now, but the condensation in my partner's SLK (R172) is really bad. The carpets, foot wells and boot are all bone dry and the pollen filter is also bone dry. The outlet drain from the pollen filter box is clear also. When putting the...
  4. Kingpin!

    R350 - Battery suddenly drains

    Hi, forum! A couple of days ago my battery was almost drained. I could open the doors, fans was working, COMAND and electric hatch/back door etc. but as soon as I tried starting, the starter motor just hadn't enough power ("tick tick tick"). I charged the battery almost 24 hours (my CTEK was at...
  5. reflexboy

    Water drains on a W212

    Guys, just got a W212 saloon-Can anyone tell me where all the water drains are so I can check they are all clear as a preventative measure? I also have the pano roof.
  6. ibrahimx2001

    my car is pulling to one side over potholes and drains

    hi all, as above. i have just purchased a c220 cdi sport. the other day i drove over a drain and noticed it pulls and sort of jumps to the left as i went over it. this happened a few times and i was thinking maybe its due to being a rear wheel drive. ( i am new to rear wheel). the other day...
  7. D

    CLK window drains

    Does anyone know where the drain for CLK side windows drains to? (see pic) Right now some of water from that drain seems to exit via holes in the bottom of the sill, but most of the water finds it way under the o/s/r passenger footwell - the carpet is soaked after rain. It looks like a...
  8. C

    R 230 water drains

    Time to check out and possibly clear the drains on my SL500 Please can someone tell me where they all are ? What do you all use for clearing ? Is coat hanger wire too fierce and would you bend the end over to take away any sharpness and danger of piercing drain tubes ?
  9. P

    w211 Panoramic roof drains

    Parked my car downhill all this is the second time this has happened. Water leaking behind drivers sun visor, down right pillar and through centre switch panel and interior mirror. I am hoping it is the drains blocked but not sure where they are. Can anybody help me please. Thanks Dan
  10. P

    w211 sunroof drains

    Washed my car other day and was on hill facing downwards. Anyway following morning drivers side roof lining was wet behind sun visor and water was coming through switches in centre console by mirror.i think the sunroof drains may be blocked. I have an old Speedo cable I use but I can't seem to...
  11. M

    W124 AC drains

    It seems my W124 estate leaks like a sieve and there is some damp in the carpet under the pasenger side rear seat (the area exposed when lifting the seat base to fold the rear seats), and the front passenger footwell. The drivers side of the car is dry as a bone. I had a new windscreen fitted...
  12. AANDYY

    A/C drains for a W210 £300 TD 1997

    For those of you who have been scratching your heads wondering where the devil they could be :p, well I found mine today, by accident :D. I was repositioning my DAB module and found the said items. I have been having A/C smelliness! so before trying to cure it by letting one of those aerosol...
  13. Timster

    124 - Clearing The Drains!

    Hi. I read somewhere that the run-off drains can get blocked and require clearing from time to time. When it rains I get a bit of water in from from the roof rails - not sunroof seal, I checked. Is it the drains? If so how do I clear them? If not - any suggestions? Ta
  14. D

    blocked drains

    Hope you're not eating! Drains are blocked again, has happened twice in the last year which I unblocked easily with rods. Over the last week the familiar symptoms showed so I got the rods out this morning, Removed the cover and the hole was pretty full and Friday night's curry in evidence...
  15. O

    Drains in R107 SLC

    Hi mates, Recently I became the owner of classic 450 SLC equipped with sunroof, I know it's essential to keep all the drains clean to prevent rusting. However, I have trouble locating all the drains in my car, despite reading previous posts about it, Does anyone know about the picture...
  16. lynall

    All windows fog up ac drains?

    Have noticed last week all my windows fog up and i have to run the a/c to clear once cleared all okay. My wifes W203 C320 also does this. On my last car a Landrover disco the common fault was the ac drain pipe blocked up, do the mercs do this as well?. No water leaks into the car (unlike...
  17. A

    Check your drains!!!

    What with all this wet weather combined with dead blossom falling off the trees, now would be an excellent opportunity to check the drain hole isn't blocked near the a/c intake. I didn't on my '99 CLK and have just spent the entire afternoon trying to dry entirely flooded n/s front and rear...
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