1. M.A.94

    Car stereo 12v ignition current draw

    How safe is it to share the cig lighters power with my car stereo 12v ignition power without an additional fuse. Am I correct in thinking that the 12v ignition (red wire) is effectively like a remote turn on lead on an amp and therefore the current draw is very little. And the constant...
  2. D

    Centre consol sliding storage draw

    Does anyone know how to repair/replace the sliding door on the storage compartment underneath the ashtray, behind the gear shift? Does anyone know the part # for this piece It appears that it slides on a track of some kind, and whatever piece holds it to the track has come loose and has...
  3. Giantvanman

    A Facebook draw giving away two Audi R8s

    This appears to be genuine so thought I'd share. https://www.facebook.com/634269266711919/posts/634270180045161/
  4. flying haggis

    Wish I could draw like this

    You might think this is a picture of an old woman, but look closer. [VIDEO]
  5. travelininstyle

    SIPP and Income Draw Down Advise ?

    Hello Members - this is a question for the Financially astute out there. I have a friend whom last year at 55 years of age,for financial reasons took his 25% tax free lump sum from his Sipp and moved the rest into an Income Draw Down,with the same Sipp provider. A few months ago,he left the...
  6. V

    Large Parasitic Draw on Battery

    Hi My car is a 2001 S210 E320 cdi estate Last week the garage diagnosed a large 18Amp draw on the battery when the car was shut down and after tess concluded it was the Alternator. The Alternator was replaced and the car was picked up at 6pm yesterday. At 9pm yesterday the alarm went off...
  7. R

    The difference between draw and drawer...

    ...one is something you might do with a pencil, the other is where you might find the pencil. They are not pronounced the same way. Rant over.
  8. LTD

    Where do you draw the line on repair costs ?

    An interesting point of discussion today at the £4.99 Curry Extravaganza that disguised itself as a Scottish GTG. We often hear people say that a car would cost "more than it's worth to repair". Now, many of us own very nice, older cars that have not got a huge 'book value' if the car was to...
  9. ringway

    Can't change my own text without buying Corel Draw again?

    In an effort to reduce operating costs by getting rid of our fax line, I subscribed to MyFax. I now have a new fax number.. Years ago, I drew our logo etc, with Corel Draw 12, which I cannot now find. :rolleyes: I need to change the fax number on our company letterhead (residing in MS...
  10. TonyE300D

    Football - Is this England's easiest ever draw?

    European Championship Qualifying Group G for Euro 2012: England, Wales, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Montenegro. How could England not come top of that group? Unless of course they re-appointed Steve McLaren ... :rolleyes:
  11. AANDYY

    Current draw on a W210 1997?

    May be a difficult question this one, what should be the 'locked car' current draw on my car, I,E over night. I thought my battery had gone or going, Bosch silver top, indicator on the top had changed to 'check' a few months ago, I don't now how old the battery was. One cold morning, xmas...
  12. Donza

    Advice: Dealers asked me what i want to do to draw a line under the matter..

    The sitation is regarding the clocked car sold to me by MB Dealer. Which also conked out a day after it was delivered. So since spending 15.3k on a car, i have had to catch trains, buses, pay for unused fuel,engine oil. Chase to get the situation sorted, days off work. Not to mention i had no...
  13. D

    Corel Draw 8 in XP?

    Hi Guys, For years I have used Corel Draw 8 with my windows 95 desktop I now have a laptop running XP but can't get the prog to run properly, it keeps telling me that it's encountered a problem and has to close. Iv'e tried running it via the compatability wizard '95 and '98 and while some...
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