1. T

    CLS Spring/Shock drawing

    Does anyone have a parts drawing for a 2007 CLS 320d, I ask as I've had new front springs fitted and it my car sits a little nose high. I've also noticed some new spring rubbers ( Top of the spring ) have been fitted but I can't remember seeing them before. And if they should be there is...
  2. Petrol Pete

    Photo or drawing required

    Hi The Rear seat (40%) will still not fold down despite all of the advice I have been given on this forum. I ask one of you who own a 2006 C class estate to please post a photograph of the latch mechanism in the seat back (40%) right hand side, not the lever you pull to fold the seat ,but the...
  3. Stig2082

    Time with AMG drawing to a close..

    To my huge regret my time with my gorgeous W219 CLS 63 AMG is drawing to close. A change in circumstances is forcing my hand, but feel privileged to have owned one of theses immense machines. Would love it to go to a fellow enthusiast so take a peak if you want. Has a very rare spec, so is a...
  4. brucemillar

    Apple drawing tablet wanted

    Folks No2 Daughter would like an Apple drawing tablet for her MacBook Pro 13". Any recommendations on a tablet and or apps to go with please? Oh. She is No2 in age not pecking order.
  5. portal_96

    Back to the drawing board - model and spec ideas please folks...

    Evening, I've yet to get the official verdict but suspect my c250cdi sport plus may be written off... I'm not sure what to look at getting instead if its written off and wanted to call on some of your experiences and knowledge. I quite fancy the same car again but with a pano roof and...
  6. Justin1600

    Garage plans drawing software

    Hi, i am needing to put planning into the council for my new Garage. Wanting to make it look professional, so if anyone has any good software i could have on a disc or knows anywhere i can download some good software then let me know please :thumb: Also if anyone who does this sort of thing on...
  7. J

    Looking for drawing of read diff for 230E

    Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction? I am searching for a drawing/exploded view showing the drive line seals in the rear diff for a 230E w124. I have tried to do a google search but couldnt find what I was looking for and I know there must be one out there Thank you in...
  8. I

    W124 Engine choice - am I drawing the right conclusion?

    Hi Everyone, I’ve just sold a 210 Estate and with the proceeds I would like a W124 Coupe. I’m not especially interested in high power, but would prefer it given the choice between a 230 and a 300 for example, however, not at the expense of hassle. After having spent a few days digging...
  9. S

    01 c220 cdi drawing air and very smokey

    hello all, new to all this and looking for a bit of help. my c220 is drawing air from somewhere the only indication for this is when im driving and the turbo kicks in it also exhausts an awful lot of black smoke when turbo kicks in. some time it goes into limp mode i presume this is because the...
  10. scruffy

    drawing software

    anyone know any decent software for creating fairly simple technical drawings for brochures/flyers etc looking for something easy to use, don't want to get into complicated CAD progs. cheers
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