1. erdnase

    Mercedes Trye Dressing Brand

    Had my car serviced last week and noticed the Mercedes Main dealer had used some sort of tyre dressing or restorer on my tyres wondered what brand they use.
  2. BIG_G_1979

    tyre dressing

    Hi guys I currently use turtle wax slick tyres which I apply with a small brush, I like the wet look but problem I have is it flicks up the side of car leaving small black dots everywhere even if I leave ot for a few hours, so question is what do u guys use and your experiences with your chosen...
  3. C

    wet look tire dressing

    Whats the best one, i saw a Porsche and tyres looked so wet and glossy. I like quality but know too that these products dont last long. A decent size is preferred. Any helps is appeciated.
  4. reflexboy

    Tyre dressing that doesn't flick everywhere

    Can anyone recommend a tyre dressing that makes the rubber look good but doesn't flick all over the bodywork. I nomally use Autoglym Tyre Dressing but having a silver car with no mudflaps, there are black blobs all over the front and rear wings from it the first few times I drive the car. Any...
  5. 350_Coupe

    Tyre Dressing Remover

    Hi guys, I need some advice please, what can i use to remove silicone based tyre dressing from my tyres? I had the car valeted, and whilst i was happy, the tyre dressing is silicone based, and i think got onto the tread area as well :( If i'm not mistaken, i can use a tyre cleaner that...
  6. whitenemesis

    Cleaning and Dressing the Inner Wheel Arch

    What do you use / recommend? I have nice glossy paintwork and deep black tyres and the inner arches are letting things down. They are 'clean' as in no crud etc but not really clean. What can I use to give them an even clean deep black finnish?
  7. L

    Tyre Dressing

    I know the subject has come up before so please bear with me. Over quite a period of time I have been trying out most of the commonly available tyre dressings. What I have been looking for is- long lasting finish; easy to apply (don't want the job of having to clean the wheels after applying...
  8. D

    tyre dressing

    started thread on tyre pumps seemed to create interest. now wondering which is the best tyre dressing?
  9. Koolvin

    Tyre Dressing...

    What Tyre shine do you use?
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