1. wheels-inmotion

    Your car drifts left, what is the #1 criminal?

    I have already generated a thread about the chassis side, which the mods/ admin kindly made a sticky here> http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/wheels-tyres/98176-definative-explination-pull-left.html But this is not the main reason why a car.... not just MB pulls/ drifts left? What i would like to...
  2. TheGrocer

    HELP - Car drifts to the right after repair

    8 weeks ago my 2004 W211 had a collison with another car on the drivers side which forced me to hit the kerb at about 20 MPH wrecking the passenger side wheel and tyre. The damage to the drivers side front wing and headlight has been repaired by the MB bodyshop in Maidstone. 2 weeks ago I was...
  3. Maff

    Sounds and Drifts of 2004 - Mercedes V8 Soundtrack!

    Gotta love those AMG V8 engines, especially the E55 towards the end! All the other cards don’t sound too bad either! (Aston martin, 575M, Gillardo (sp?), BMW M5 etc) Turn up the sound, right click and download (35MB) Matt.
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