1. clk320x

    Brembos Xtra High Performance Drilled

    Seem these for my CLK working out around £63 for the fronts and £36 for the rear each. Should these be better than/equivalent the OEM discs as they are drilled or is it a purely an aesthetic thing, they work out cheaper than OEM depending on what pad is paired with it. Depending what you...
  2. Ronan1982

    Rear C204/ W204 Drilled Brake Discs

    Hi All, I am struggling to find Drilled Rear brake Discs, For my Mercedes C204. Its only a 220. I think only Tarox can help me. I just wanted to match them up with the Front Discs, and yeah its just for looks as the current ones do a fair job! Then Going to Put some Red Stuff Pads in also...
  3. D

    W209 Brakes disc, Pads & sensor, drilled or solid ? Makes ?

    I need to replace my front brakes but I now getting confused of what to get. I currently have all stock brakes, but after looking on car parts 4 less there seems to be loads of options, I like the look of the drilled discs but theres different diameters showing for my car, will both sizes fit ...
  4. Wayne Parley

    Cross drilled discs on a C220/250

    Hi Just after a bit of information about the discs on my car, for no other reason than just being nosey. I currently own a 2009 C250 AMG Sport estate which has cross drilled discs on the front. I am however about to trade it in for a new C220 AMG Sport Plus Coupe. When at the dealer checking...
  5. S

    Where to buy drilled & grooved brakes for Vito?

    Hi guys. The brake discs and pads on my Vito Sport X Brabus are due for replacing now. So it seems like a good time for an upgrade... I'm looking for some drilled and grooved discs but not having much luck finding many at the moment. Plenty available for the old model Vito's, but mine is a...
  6. C

    W209 CLK Drilled Discs

    Hi all, I'm in need to put new front discs on but wanted to put in drilled discs, can I do this seeing as I don't have the sports package? ECP don't seem to have them for standard models..
  7. C

    W209 CLK Drilled Discs

    Hi all, I'm in need to put new front discs on but wanted to put in drilled discs, can I do this seeing as I don't have the sports package? ECP don't seem to have them for standard models..
  8. marty359

    Drilled rear discs.

    Anyone know where i can get a pair of drilled rear discs for my car without changing the calipers? All the big names dont seem to stock them but im sure ive seen a C32 somewhere on the net with drilled discs and standard calipers but i cant find it. Marty
  9. skymastor

    W203 Drilled & Grooved Brake Disks

    Hi, I have a brand new set of front and rear drilled and grooved brake disks to fit a W203 C Class. They may fit other models, but you would need to check first if they do! The sizes are 300mm (vented) front and 290mm rear (solid). I had these specially made for my car but the size I needed...
  10. S

    Drilled Grill?

    Hi All, Seen on a 06 C Class Compact near my work that has a nice silver grill which is completely drilled and looks rather nice. Does anyone know if they do this grill for CLK too? Mine is 03 W209. Many thanks Andy
  11. AANDYY

    Today I drilled a hole in my roof!

    :eek: To install a D.A.B antenna. It was temporarily on my parcel shelf since I bought the car in September 2008. Blackpool has an iffy D.A.B reception in areas, so it needed to be a proper antenna instillation, even if it was done by me :D. First run the coax up the centre up right bit :o...
  12. S

    drilled and groved discs

    have scowered all the places i can find and i cannot find anythin for the w210 320 cdi id like to upgrade the brakes as i want more power!!! cannot find a decent set of discs front or rear - do they do any brake conversions any help would be brilliant.
  13. C

    Drilled Disks

    Plan on fitting new discs soon. I may drill these beforehand, mainly for appearance. I would use a bench drill. Anyone know the best drill bit size to use. I realise it will need to be small in order not to drill into the vent vanes between the outer and inner discs on the fronts. Also...
  14. sobeus

    Predrilled or point drilled for parktronic?

    Hello i wonder if its predrilled on the bumber on a W203 FOR PARKTRONIC. so you can se exactly where to drill the holes for the parksensors. I had a Volvo XC70 before and on that one i retrofitted volvo original parktronic. And it was predrilled so the holes you should drilled came on the exact...
  15. television

    Drilled rotors

    just looking at my old discs and I notice that all of the holes on the inside are blocked up solid, and no way to clean them on the car, whats the point if they block
  16. Ian_C

    02- E55 Drilled Discs

    Maybe of use. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-E55-AMG-SL55-AMG-and-SL600-BRAKE-DISCS_W0QQitemZ270110795311QQihZ017QQcategoryZ23013QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Would they fit my 98 model ? Ta Ian
  17. jahewitt

    CLK 55 AMG rear brakes - drilled or not ?

    Does anyone know if the rear brakes on a 2003/03 CLK 55 AMG are drilled ? Cheers
  18. H

    Drilled front discs

    Can anyone tell me if MB do a replacement drilled front brake disc for a W208 clk 320. I do not really want to put on an after market trick disc as I feel the original brakes are good. However I do feel they fade a bit when hot. Thanks
  19. stats007

    R129 Cross drilled discs

    Not sure if anyone is interested, part numbers for MB cross-drilled discs Front discs - 129 421 2312 Rear discs - 129 423 0512 £60+VAT each Has anyone got any opinions on these? What pads would these be and am I better off getting them from GSF etc Front pads - 003 420 0820 £60...
  20. portzy

    Drilled Discs

    I was sort of half contemplating modding the front brakes on the lady which you see below but I thought it may be a mod too far (expertise and safety wise). I was going to go for the set up which is the MB branded calipers and drilled/grooved discs ala SLK350 and C220 CDi. I'm still keen, in...
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