1. brucemillar

    Drilling out snapped/broken bolts.

    For those of you out there who have the occasion to drill out snapped or broken bolts and have struggled to do so, try these. I have no affiliation or connection here. But have on many an occasion had to drill out bolts and screws and experienced the frustrations of breaking or blunting drill...
  2. D

    Precision drilling required

    Bought a watch last week that came with a leather strap fitted and a spare rubber strap so I wanted to swap them over and as I unscrewed the screw out of the case I discovered it had been cross-threaded and it snapped, leaving 1/4 of the screw in the case...:o Anyway...I need the 1-1.5mm thick...
  3. grober

    Lake Whillans drilling

    News yesterday that the American team hot water drilling through the Antartic Ice sheet have probably reached reached Lake Whillans. A British attempt to reach Lake Ellsworth had to be abandoned in December 2012. To be fair it was good bit deeper. Scientists hope this lake may provide...
  4. W

    Drilling out brake disc retaining screw - but what next?

    Today I changed my car's brake discs and pads. But I had to drill out the disc retaining screws as even an impact hammer would not remove them. I didn't anticipate this happening so I had no replacement. So I just refitted with new parts minus the screw. But I would like to replace the screw...
  5. Iyse

    Drilling the airbox

    Any advice on drilling the standard Merc airbox to make it sound beefier? (Apart from "Don't do it")
  6. L

    Drilling holes in a ML

    I would like to install a fire extinguisher on the floor of a ML on the right hand side of the driver's seat. Does anyone know if there are any wires or the like under the carpet?
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