1. lisa110rry

    Compare legal drink driving levels in the UK with Illinois, USA

    Hello folks, I'm going 'home' in June for a walk down memory lane in my Uni town and home town in Illinois in a month or so. Tonight I've been trying to check the legal drink driving level in my home state, but I'm confused. The Illinois level is 0.08%. The U.K. level speaks of microgrammes...
  2. Borys

    I love UK my new favourite drink

  3. Marvin16x

    roadside check joke

    evening folks, i (german) just stumbled upon a joke on facebook and found it rather funny. here's a quick translation of it: a true story (of course) policeman at the roadside check: have you been drinking? man: yes, i have. you know, it was my daughter's wedding today and we came from far...
  4. developer

    Speeding Is The New Drink Driving

    Not using a seat belt Drink driving Drug driving Using a mobile phone at the wheel Do any of the above and you are a pariah and quite rightly so (though to a lesser degree with seat belts). All have been campaigned against, with varying degrees of success. I'm convinced speeding is receiving...
  5. Druk

    The result of drink driving.

    08.30 this morning my friend and neighbour was startled by the sounds of a crash from the rear of their house. The rear faces a T junction at the bottom of a steep hill. This is what they found in their garden. These marks on the road go for 35mtrs back to the kerb on...
  6. crockers

    New written drink drive test..

    New test as below....
  7. bpsorrel

    Avoiding a drink driving conviction - Russian style!

    Âèäåî: Íà Êàì÷àòêå ïüÿíîãî âîäèòåëÿ íå ñìîãëè îñòàíîâèòü äàæå ïóëè - Ãàçåòà.Ru | Âèäåî This happened in Kamchatka recently - watch to the end!
  8. A

    Drink driving and Portable Alcohol tester

    Hello As its nearly the silly season :) and we all like to have a good time I would like to think the fact we are all car nuts value our licence more than a little drink. So I'm not about to preach... Only I was just sent an e-mail and the special offer was a mobile breath tester...
  9. C

    Drink Drivers

    Yes it's that time of year again when statistically most drink driving offences are committed. "I got a wee bit carried away at the Christmas party"........"I was only driving a mile up the road"..........."I thought I was under the limit"......there are 101 excuses. However, my point is this...
  10. D

    Justice for drink driver ????

    Read in our local paper today. 7 previous drink driving offences !!!! Caught drunk whilst driving day after release from prison . He had taken car without owners consent. 120 days jail and 4 years ban I ask you !!!!
  11. E

    Drink driver

    On the way home on country lanes i came across two vehicles driving quite erratic, after a few minutes it was obvious the car in front of me was trying to get the car in front to stop due to it driving all over the shop, we then approached a roundabout & noticed the first car slowed down to...
  12. jimti

    Transport role for drink driver

    Only my local council would think this appropriate :wallbash::doh::ban: Road safety role for 'disgraced' Cantebury councillor recently banned from driving | This is Kent
  13. Meldrew2

    Where would you get a free drink from a politician?

    Where would you get a free drink from a politician? The answer is off the west coast of Scotland. The SS Politician, of Whisky Galore fame, sank on 3 February 1941 with a cargo of 28,000 cases of malt whisky. The hull was blown up but not before the locals had managed to get their hands on...
  14. trapperjohn

    Summer Drink Drive Campaign.

    Just popped down to the lads house to feed his animals whilst he is away. On the way back at 0815AM I was directed into a lay-by by the boys in mostly hi-viz. Brief intro on what they were doing. "Last time you had a drink Sir" Told him. Blow into this - ZERO. How sad is that after...
  15. shorty

    my car appears to have an expensive drink habbit

    Morning all As the title suggests my car has become rather thristy its a 211 E200 k auto . The trip computer has been showing 22 to 23 mpg , only geting as high as 28 after over 40 miles continous diving . Over the last few tank fulls I have only managed 300 miles . The cars not been driven...
  16. Tan

    My Tree has a drink problem

    Hi For the week or so that my Christmas Tree has been up, it has needed to be filled up with water every day, however over the past few days it is drinking a lot less. Is this normal? I have never had a real tree before, I cut an inch or so off the base before I put the tree up, so...
  17. R

    Just don't drink and drive ...........

    I and others have posted this video in previous years and I make no apologies for reposting in this year. It is extremely hard hitting. Given that we can't afford in this country to run such a campaign this year maybe this will help. I would warn you this is extremely challenging and I was...
  18. A

    Rare Mercedes CL500 (don't spill your drink)

    Unique and luxury coupe with 30 inch wheels !!!!!! For Sale (2008) on Car And Classic UK
  19. snoop51

    Anyone fancy a drink

    BBC News - 'Most valuable' bottle of white wine sells for £75,000 W:eek:w. Not something you crack open and neck then.:D
  20. Z

    Oil, oil everywhere..and not a drop to drink..

    Hi Guys. Not only is the handle mechanism on the roof on my 2003 cabriolet breaking up, (see http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/interior/111814-clk-320-roof-handle.html ) but the other day the roof would not open without a lot of manual help, or close for that matter. So whilst it was in a mid...
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