1. Harrythedog

    What are you drinking right now?

    In the same vein as the "What are you listening to " thread At this moment a very nice 18 y.o. Glenlivet
  2. S

    Vito drinking fuel £13 = 40 miles

    Having a few issues with fuel economy (or lack of). £13 @ £1.38 p/l = approx 40 miles solid urban use only. Van not even quarter loaded. I have a major ticking / chattering noise between 2+3k revs so try to keep below that. Seals were replaced on injectors before I bought the van. Just had a...
  3. alfieco

    ml 270cdi drinking fuel on idle but good in normal use

    Hi can someone please help. I've just got myself a 2002 270 cdi ml. All is good with it. It runs well and doesn't use to much diesel until I leave it on idle for 10 min or so. Sometimes when on idle it uses almost 1/4 of a tank in 20 min or so. It's clearly got a problem but I don't know what it...
  4. John

    Drinking at meal times.

    Is there a definitive answer as to whether drinking (water-based drinks for example) before, during and or after a meal is a good thing or a bad thing? I've read conflicting anecdotal Internet posts. However, and I am not a chemist, but if I have 500ml of Hydrochloric acid, and I pour in...
  5. CE230

    Thinking of Drinking and Driving?

    Maybe this will change your mind.
  6. Baron_Samedi

    Here Goes... What are you drinking...

    You're at the pub... what fine drink are you going to select? Oh, but damn and blast, your favourite isn't on the list... what do you choose??? By choice - London Pride If it ain't there.... Guinness (plastic Irishman that I am)
  7. Donza

    Drinking every night...Is it a problem?

  8. mark.t

    24hr drinking ask?

    George Best .....good or bad .......quite ironic
  9. Thmsshaun

    24Hr Drinking.. Good or Bad?

    I think its a good idea. Although alot of pubs haven't even taken up the chance so people will hardly notice anything different. The majority of trouble IMO is cause by everyone being kicked out at the same time. Spreading that out will surely help the problem. I think though the majority of...
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