1. S

    I have a drip

    Hi Folks I have trouble again. My E220CDI W210 has started to leave a wet patch during the day. I have noticed that I am loosing coolant right at the front of the car. I have only had chance to look under the bonet at the back of the rad but all looks dry. I know it's coolant as the level in...
  2. KC's Mercedes

    Diff drip

    Well my diff isnt damp, its wet!!, with a drip on the driveway here and there. Apparently seals will need replacing, 7 hour job as this that and the other has to be dropped including my bottom jaw as ive been told its £300 to do. Is this a fair price?, had the car two weeks.....Kev.:wallbash:
  3. R

    Drip drip drip Help

    Evening folks As some of you know i have recently purchased an R170 slk for the summer:bannana: I have noticed dripping water from under the front bumper At first i thought the rad had a leak but having a closer look underneath i discovered it is the headlamp wash nozzle (the ones that pop...
  4. SimonsMerc

    drip drop

    So I'm working in Aldgate today. Looking out of the window, I can see this old guy and his wife, and they're leading pairs of animals into this huge wooden boat like thing. Wonder if I should try and hitch a ride? -simon
  5. M

    Water drip

    Hello all, I have a water leak/drip coming from under my 97 C180 202. It's fresh water (no a/f) and only appeared today when using the aircon for the first time in a while. There is a rubber outlet next to the gearbox on the underneath, could it be coming from that? Thanks, Helen
  6. G

    Coolant drip 190E

    Every so often I see a small stain mark from the pipe that runs down the front left hand side of the engine. What causes this as i don't seem to need to top up the coolant level.
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