1. G

    Viano 3.0 CDi Limited initial RPM in drive and reverse

    Hi, I've been reading many posts regarding gearbox issues and the various limp modes but I can't find anything that has helped me get closer to identifying what the issue may be. My gut feeling is that the gearbox is the issue. If anyone can offer any advice before I take it to a...
  2. T

    Park on drive , or not ...

    Hi I have a c63s coupe on the way for 1st September I live in London , I have a driveway on quite a busy road, house has CCTV and alarm which we put on at night etc Car will be insured and will get gap insurance My wife is worried about parking the car on the drive in case we get...
  3. S

    bit of a thump when selecting drive from cold

    I have noticed recently when starting in the morning and selecting D there is a bit of a thump when engaging gear. It does not do this when warm. Not noticed this before. The ATF fluid was changed around 7k ago. Should I be concerned? Thanks
  4. E

    Replacing CD drive

    My cd player needs replacing faulty cd drive the player has the following numbers on the drive, going to be impossible finding to fnd the exact models, can i plug any ntg4.5, my car has becker navigation would that make a dfference A2049003609 A2049011903 A1729028103 Or if anyone can advise...
  5. E

    Drive Unavailable and beeping (driving me crazy)

    Hi my 2012 w204 c class coupe audio 20 keeps on beeping and displays drive unavailable, it some times let me access the disc drive which are showing as empty, the drive does not let me insert any discs, issue is driving me crazy what do i do
  6. B

    4MATIC drive shaft bearing

    Someone told me that replacing the front drive shaft bearing (A1129800115) on 4MATIC cars is good preventive maintenance especially on high mileage cars. Has anyone done this on his own? The part is pretty cheap but I'm not sure if it's easily DIY-able.
  7. P

    drive unavailable

    hello.i have a c204 and everytime i start the car the audio 20 pops up drive unavailable and i cant put in cd's.anyone can help with this problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. D

    nice w111 280 se coupe left hand drive

    Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111 **NO RESERVE** | eBay
  9. J

    C43 Test Drive today

    So while I hunt around for the perfect c63 I thought I'd just try a 2016 C43 today. Just thought I'd try it as it's more economical and 4wd, now car is a lovely place to be in premium plus and literally everything I could want. However when I put the hammer down I must say I was very...
  10. GlenQ

    Comand Navigation DVD Drive Replacement

    Hi The Comand navigation DVD drive has failed (can't read DVD's) in my 2004 S320 CDI (W220) Has anyone ever swapped this drive out? if so is it an easy swap? anything to look out for before I get the tools out and will it require any coding when the replacement drive is installed? And, yes...
  11. T

    Tips for 18y old learning to drive

    Son has reached the age. Cannot remember my days it was so long ago. Anyway, need a bit of advice Any tips on finding a good driving school (other than personal recommendations - which I will be looking for). Also, any idea what the average number of lessons is before being told your...
  12. S

    124 TE Manual Drive Shaft

    Hey folks, Looking for the front half of the drive shaft from a manual wagon/estate/touring/TE etc. I've got a 16v box in my S124 but need the drive shaft. Also after the clutch lines for RHD car. (master cylinder to trans tunnel, tunnel to slave cylinder etc) Cheers
  13. Braincrank

    noisy steering after long drive ...

    Well, I can only go by what the wife says ... Apparently it happened now a couple of times after a little drive that when the missus came back the power steering was making a racket similar to the noise when you turn all the way to max . I personally haven't heard it yet but it did so again...
  14. John N

    Dynamic Drive Selection?

    My C Class has the normal Dynamic Selections: "C, E & S" available, as I commute around 50 Miles each way to work I have the "E" Set Up in Comand in order to save on Fuel, but on every morning and evening start up, I find the system default setting is "C" and I have to manually select "E"...
  15. T

    W202 final drive ratio change (diff swap?)

    Hi there, Apologies if this a a double post - I posted earlier and it disappeared into thin air. I think I'd like to do a diff swap and need some advice. My W202 (facelift, manual, C200, with ASR) screams away at 3000+rpm at motorway speed (70mph). This is all very 1999 - when cars didn't have...
  16. O

    How not to drive an R8

    Phantom Winger meeting 21st May- have a peek at the You Tube videos of the ****head destroying his Audi . Gives car meetings a bad name. No doubt the bizzies will be all over the next one.
  17. RyanMuller

    Best way to remove oil stain from drive?

    As above. Any tips? :-(
  18. M

    which is best fuel clip or worm drive clip

    Hi, what are the views regarding using a Fuel pipe clip against a Worm drive clip (jubilee ;)) reason being I found a diesel fuel leak from one of the pipes on the fuel filter (320CDi) :mad: I popped the original clip off also found another old clip on top of the manifold under the...
  19. Cymruambyth

    First proper drive.

    I`ve finally picked the car up and driven 60 miles home. Took another 15 to a mates house and then back home. First thing, fuelled up....could only fill to halfway before it started clicking...odd. Anyway, the drive. Set seat up, sorted climate, found radio station and off to go. I...
  20. Londonscottish

    NTG 2.5 - how do I copy files to the hard drive?

    Hi, I've got as far as loading some MP3's onto the card in the dash but can't see how to then copy them over onto the hard drive. Can someone tell me where the option is? Thanks
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