1. M

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot - Video

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot [YOUTUBE HD]pF69r5cBTCU[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. K

    Dealers, test Drives and general pushiness.

    I went to look at a car for my wife and son at the weekend. (£6000). I told the dealer on the phone that we had just started our search and that "I wouldn't be buying today." He said still come over and have a look, which we did. The car was nice and we asked for a test drive. He...
  3. D

    Insane Drives

    The award winning Climb Dance. Peugeot's 1988 Pikes Peak record breaking win in a Peugeot 405 T16 - driven by Ari Vatanen. Insane! TJsHlugRls4 Post your own.
  4. grober

    Matt LeBlanc drives the Rolls Drop Top- nervously

    Top Gear's Matt LeBlanc winces as he gets to grips with Ireland's mountain roads | Daily Mail Online
  5. smoothrider

    who the heck drives 200 miles just to photograph his W126 !?? (as if!))

    sorry the mountains got in the way
  6. GT500E

    Test drives. CL65 and C63

    My local dealer offered me to take a 2008 CL65 out for a test drive. It's not a car that would be on the top of the list to replace Eleanor but it was worth a spin and they have no other used AMGs in stock at the minute. Only 19,000 miles on it and they are willing to throw in 2 years tier 1...
  7. R

    San Francisco area drives

    Heading off to San Francisco tomorrow for business and will have most of Saturday free before taking an evening flight back. Any suggestions (preferably car related) to do for 8 hours? I was thinking of renting a Mustang convertible (60 bucks) but where should I go? Thanks PS: I've been...
  8. The _Don

    Chris harris on cars - Mercedes Amg Gt S

    Awesome video !
  9. alzieboy

    Gravel Drives

    Why do some people who have gravel drives never once in a while sweep up all the stones that get spewed out onto the road , nice stone chips waiting to happen :( . I have a neighbour who owns a brand new Audi A7 and stones from his drive are all across the road !! , owning a car like that you...
  10. M

    Sylvester Stallone drives a Mercedes E63

    He sure has great taste in cars. He also has a few other awesome Mercedes cars. Here is the rest of the cars he has been driving around town. I am sure he has much much more in his garage. 22 pictures in the gallery .
  11. D

    Great drives

    There have been many posts on this forum about various driving tours, describing routes, places to stay and places to visit on the way. But what are the best bits of road you've driven on for the pure enjoyment of being on that road? I'd find it difficult to put any sort of preference to my...
  12. B

    Chris Harris drives a P1 Very good write up after JC's review on Sunday. Quite like the fact PH appear to have no sub editors, proofreaders, etc. - you get the full length, breathless excitement of the first draft which...
  13. Felstmiester

    C63 drives down east finchley road every morning

    Doing a job in east finchley and every morning a black c63 pulls away from the lights and unless he's behind other cars he gives it the beans. It sounds like its de catted as well cos its loud. Just wondered if its a member?
  14. C

    Test drives

    Hi. I've just posted this question on another thread (which is off topic). How long should I expect to drive a car for? Is is 'normal' for the salesman to accompany you for the drive? Whenever I have test driven cars in the past I've never had more than 15mins behind the wheel and never been...
  15. Dieselman

    Mum drives 900Bhp Evo

    Would you let your Mum drive your 900Bhp Evo? d94hvUzHu9k UAXhbUnHGno
  16. The _Don

    UK's 'insatiable' appetite for new cars drives up sales in May
  17. bpsorrel

    Chris Harris drives the electric SLS!

  18. grober

    Jessica drives a Jag!

    Jessica Ennis talks Jaguars with AutoExpress heRJobIg7qI
  19. B

    Chris Harris drives the W124 AMG Hammer

    AMG Hammer Sideways In The Rain !! (And a Factory Tour) - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  20. markjay

    Chaos in Australia as pensioner drives wrong way on motorway

    Chaos As Pensioner Drives Wrong Way On Motorway
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