1. R

    2014 C63 - Clunk when steering and odd noise when driving - Dealer says Driveshaft?

    Hi All my 2014 C63 has sprung up two issues which I'm unsure are related. Basically, issue one is a horrible clunking sound when turning the steering wheel when the car is stood still (to get out of a space etc). It is a horrid noise.. it feels like the wheel is skipping across a sloppy or...
  2. C

    Driveshaft part number

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section folks, I looked to see if I could see it in the other forums but I thought it a bit transmission-y Anyway. '91 W124 E230 coupe (C124) I am in need of an OSR drive shaft (I don't think they're handed) It's got ABS and it's a feeble auto but I can't see...
  3. martysmerc

    r107 mercedes driveshaft

    Hi does anyone out there know where I gould get my hands on driveshafts for my sl 350 r107 1978. I got two from sl shop but they seemed to be machined incorrect and I sent them back . The groove for the retaining clip was off by 2mm so clip would not clip in. ANY IDEAS!!!
  4. S

    2003 2.2 dMercedes Vito Driveshaft Flange NSF

    Hi looking for some help - I've read numerous posts, so just want some clarity as the data sheet does not help. I have a 2003 vito 2.2 diesel and the seal that connects to the output flange on the drive shaft is leaking gearbox oil. I have removed the nsf drive shaft and I am faced with...
  5. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    Hi I'm trying to source a driveshaft for my S280 so I can get her back on the road, can anyone help..
  6. B

    2002 c32 driveshaft problems!

    Hey. Having a headache problem with my c32.. Rescently a driveshaft snapped i have spent all day trying to remove it from the diff but it wont come out. Trying to find replacements near impossible as seemes there was a chassis change in 2002 some have bolt on shafts. Some just plug in...
  7. B

    c32 driveshaft exploded.

    Hey. Pulled away from some traffic lights not launching it maybe half throttle.. bang lost all drive nasty clunks and noises Have no drive no park no nothing. Engine warning light is on all the TCU/ABS is disabled. Had to push it off the road. Had a look drive shaft snapped in half...
  8. XJguy

    Swapping out driveshaft support, question?

    I need to change my driveshaft center support. I would like to know if the bearing needs to replaced too? I see the bearing and the mount is sold separately. As far as I know the bearing is still good its just the rubber mount that fell apart. Car has 103k miles. Also do I need to press out the...
  9. S

    350SL driveshaft anybody?

    I have spent the last 2 months trying in vain so far to successfully replace the CV boots on my 77 350SL driveshafts. There is a special MB crimping tool required to do this and all enquiries to try and source one have drawn a blank as the main dealers seem to have long ago scrapped them - so my...
  10. B

    W124 driveshaft failure.

    Picture the scene. I'm at some traffic lights, in neutral. When they turn green I put the car into D and prod the accelerator pedal. Instead of the expected forward motion there is a huge BANG and I lose all drive, forwards or backwards. The RAC man who rescued me and towed the car home...
  11. SilverSaloon

    Diff & Driveshaft Question

    Hi The other week I reversed out of a car parking space and put the car in drive and nothing happened. I towed the car home. I looked under the car and could see when in D that the propshaft was spinning directly into the diff, but the driveshafts and therefore wheels were not turning...
  12. bikesforme

    vito 108d driveshaft removal

    Hi, I am trying to remove my drivers side driveshaft to replace the inner boot rubber. I have removed the hub bolt and all the driveshaft bolts but it will not knock out and there is not enough space for it to fall out. Is there something else i must do thanks.
  13. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    I'm trying to source a Driveshaft for my W140 S280.. Can anyone help me?
  14. T

    Wanted: W124 driveshaft.

    I'm looking for an offside driveshaft for a 1990 W124 300e. Anybody? Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    Wanted W140 S280 Driveshaft

    Hi I'm trying to source a W140 S280 Driveshaft
  16. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    I want to put my S280 back on the road again but need a driveshaft.. Are they any alternatives I can use as have been struggling to get a replacement
  17. 1

    W211 CV driveshaft boot

    Hi Has anyone any info on removal of driveshaft/halfshaft and replacement of CV boot on a 2005 W211? Any info greatly appreciated.
  18. E

    300CE-24 Driveshaft

    Hi all can anyone help me out, I need a driveshaft for my 1990 300CE and can't find one anywhere. If you know where I could get one or if you have one for sale please let me know thanks Eren
  19. K

    C32 AMG, 2002, Drive Shaft Rear Driver side

    Hi, Had an accident :wallbash: and all the rear parts now replaced just looking for the REAR DRIVE SHAFT (Driver Side) for my C32 AMG, 2002 model (52). Anyone? many thanks, Pete
  20. P

    New user in desperate need for help!!!

    Hi guys, just like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I have a B Class B170 cvt automatic on a 2005, 55 reg and am in desperate need for a couple of parts that I can't find anywhere in the uk!! I need a front subframe and a nearside front driveshaft complete for my B Class. I am...
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