1. merc85

    Automated driveway Gates any suggestions?

    Need some advice on this one, We would like some automated gates for our driveway, But the Path/road runs very close to the end of the drive, we also need abit of space for the gates to open. The opening/width of the Drive is 4.5mtrs 14.76 ft. Some i'm thinking Bi folding gates? Here is a...
  2. Calcifer

    Driveway cleaning and degreasing.

    In May I'll be doing the yearly yard clean and was hoping for a more lasting result this time. What do you guys use for degreasing, remove oil stains, algae etc and finally for sealing the driveway at the end of cleaning. All I have for now are a couple of Karcher but I'll be needing a...
  3. L

    W203 C240 1999 Stuck on the driveway

    Happy Sunday everyone. My W203 woes continue. Has anyone ever heard of a module in the car going nuts and flooding the CAN network? My PITA 1999 C240 has gone from brake lights stuck on to engine running without the key and now the alarm goes off and the radiator fan starts as soon as I...
  4. Conquistador

    Cleaning oil off driveway

    I appreciate this isn't Mumsnet, but what are the best products and techniques to use for getting oil stains out of a brick drive? Tried a bit of washing up liquid, a hard scrubbing brush and pressure washer but no result... Picture of the oil and the offending car!
  5. Felstmiester

    A4 flyer left on merc whilst on driveway should I be concerned ??

    I was in. Wife was out. When she came back she saw it put under wiper on windscreen. Says all cars wanted, trucks, vans, motor homes , boats, plant machinary, barns and garages cleared, anything wanted for scrap call this number. Cheeky buggers must of walked up my driveway to put it on!! My van...
  6. tanuie


    Hi, Having had an oil leak ( which is now repaired ) I have an oil stain on my tarmac drive, what is the best means to remove it. Many Thanks.
  7. mirras

    Spotted - neglected old merc in driveway

    While over in Edinburgh today looking at a couple of BMWs ( yes, I know ) I spotted an abandoned C class in a driveway on Ferry Road, when I looked closer I caught a glimpse of an older car tucked away in the corner. Had a wee look on Google Maps and it's on there too...
  8. GordonTarling

    Look what turned up on our driveway this morning!

    Found this on our driveway this morning. The tree surgeons use the PTO at the rear to drive their chipper - you wouldn't want to fall into that! Great use for an older vehicle.
  9. reflexboy

    Sealing a block paved driveway

    I'm looking to give my block paved driveway a facelift. I would like to clean it and then re-sand and seal it. There are so many sealants on the market and have no idea which one to go for. As my drive is grey, I would like the sealant to slightly darken the blocks and help/block the weeds from...
  10. marty359

    Cotswold Stone Driveway.

    Has anyone used this on there driveway? I've never had a gravel driveway before and thinking of ordering some. Does it lock together well over time and not move about due to it's angular shape? Does it weather well and does it leave ruts? Just looking for any experience with it...
  11. M

    C204 - driveway ornament in winter

    Looking at some winter wheels/tyres for my AMG Sport Plus coupe. currently on 18's. but the car is useless in the snow/ice. found these but would 16's fit over the calipers? Click Me
  12. S

    e300d gone but CLK230 on driveway instead!

    Been keeping an eye on a CLK 230 at a local car dealer for a while. On a bit of an impulse decided to pop in and see if any deal with my e300d was possible. I made him an initial unrealistic offer and he came back with a deal worth roughly half way between asking price and my offer. Now a...
  13. Whitey

    Driveway Widening Letter

    Hi guys Just had a letter from the council regarding getting my drive widened, but I'm having trouble deciphering the following : "to prevent overrunning and damage to the footway the width of the new or widened crossover cannot be less than the width of the back of footway entrance onto your...
  14. AnilS

    German carpark (my driveway)!

    All the cars that have been on my driveway today (first 3 are mine)! Merc SL320 (in the Garage) BMW 530i Sport Golf GTI Merc SLS BMW M3 Convertible not in shot Audi TT (Mk1) BMW 320d (E90) BMW 520d (E60) Choices, choices:o BTW, I'm behind the lens.;) Didn't want to spoil...
  15. R

    Oh how I'd love a garage...or even a secluded driveway

    So I've just about worked up the enthusiasm to attempt to tackle some I'm left with the problem of where the hell do i do it! I live in North London on a street of lovely Victorian terraces...but no driveways or garages. And I don't fancy being sat on the side of the road doing...
  16. bpsorrel

    Dream garage (or driveway!)

    Talking with my mate last night about cars got me thinking, what would you guys consider your "dream garage" of cars? (assuming you don't already have it!), but not "money no object", so with an eye to cost... Mine would be: Mercedes CLS - (my favourite saloon/coupe) Corvette C5 - (fav...
  17. Chattonmill

    Arriving on my driveway next week....

    Will be the S211 E55 AMG:rock: Deal done, the car is simply stunning and being Ex Mercedes has every option known to Man(Or Mercedes). Going to put mine into the garage tommorrow to have the seven seat removed and fitted to it and for them to move over my AV kit(Headrest screens, Digi TV...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Oil on driveway - how do you remove the stains?

    Not from my car, but a friend of a family member has left a handful of oil stains on their driveway. Any idea's on making it less noticable? eh putting sand or somthing on?
  19. ackee911

    Parked in front of my driveway

    Some silly sod has parked a big 4x4 in front of my driveway. Been there since friday night. At first I thought its just someone visiting a neighbour. But its not.... Police were in the area yesterday (not sure why) I asked them to check if it was stolen. They checked and said no. I asked how to...
  20. Kompressor_Dude

    Oil change on the driveway?

    Just curious as to how everyone does their oil changes on the driveway? My (shared) house has 5 cars now so i seem to be doing them all the time, but its such a pain! Is there a proper flat tray etc. you can buy to collect the oil in? And an easy way of transporting it to the tip? I seem to...
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