1. A

    W245 B200cdi EGR LOCATION? my mechanic says need engine dropped?

    If someone could help regarding the EGR location on a W245 B Class B200cdi. My car is smoking and losing power, all of which correlates to a faulty EGR and confirmed with a STAR test. however my mechanic thinks the EGR is in a hard to reach place and needs the engine dropped to access it...
  2. Richard1973

    S210 rear suspension dropped

    Took the car out today ad noticed it felt a bit Un settled. Got home and it looks like the o / s / r is sitting lower than the n / s. Had a look underneath and the springs look ok. Would the spheres cause this? Is the leveling controlled separately for the n / s and o / s? Sent from my...
  3. Frankie

    w210 Sunroof dropped

    As it says in the title,my sunroof appears to have dropped slightly at the back. It doesn't leak but I imagine with time it will drop lower. Is it more likely to be the surround that has dried out and deformed or a fault with the mechanism?
  4. J

    CLS (W219) 320 AirMatic Suspension Dropped?!

    Hello, Found myself 60 miles away from home yesterday when my CLS 320 suspension completely dropped on the rear of the vehicle (Photo's below). No warnings/error's on the dashboard, button in centre console shows icon of car and up arrow. To rise the car when pressed displays "Vehicle...
  5. Scooby_Doo

    Dropped my Diamond White.

    As I was about to wax the car today the thought occurred to me that as the jar was made hard plastic , I'd better not drop it . As I went to pick it up -oops- I dropped it :doh: luckily it just bounced . Went to unscrew the lid and dropped it again :doh: this time the lid split in two...
  6. J

    C63 (2012) Gearbox dropped to neutral whilst driving and wouldn't engage gears

    Hi Folks, Driving home late last night in my (new to me) C63, when coming down to a roundabout (at normal speeds, not spirited at all) i double tapped the down paddle to drop down a gear or two, i think i was in 3rd or 4th at the time - the gearbox then seemed to (whilst showing D for drive...
  7. LittleG

    Rear subframe dropped off.

    Last night I pulled away and the rear end went bang and the **** hit the deck. I got out and jacked it up to find things not where they should be. Does it look like this is going to cost £££s Best pics I could get with the standard Jack on the side of the road. Any opinions? Sent from my...
  8. S

    E320 Estate 2004 - Rear Suspension Dropped

    I returned from a cycle ride to day to notice that the rear suspension had dropped on both sides. I started the engine and the rear generally rose up to the normal position. I have had the car 4 years and have never noticed this before. There are no warnings. I don't think I am going to like...
  9. Merty

    Front near side of car dropped - Coil spring broke ?

    Guys Couple of days ago front right side of the car just clapsed with a bang on motorway luckly the car handleld normally and i still drove about another 80miles. To get it checked MB charge £120 for diognosis My service is due soon too so i was thinking if i took the car in for a service...
  10. Satch

    Repairs to footpath across dropped kerb.

    Access to my driveway is achieved via a vehicle cross over. This has been in place since it was built 40 years ago and over the years the footpath has broken up, so it is now in a poor state and needs to be replaced. Council are telling me that I am responsible for the costs of all repairs...
  11. T

    Dropped door on SLK R171

    I was wondering if anyone has had the problem of their SLK R171 doors dropping? Mine is just 3 years old, and I took it into the dealer due to the window not rising completely (a few mm out) and thus allowing wind noise, and water to get in. The dealer told me its because the door is dropped...
  12. M

    W211 Side Window Dropped

    I've had an issue with the passenger front window not lowering for a couple of days and last night it decided to drop - with a big bang inside the door. I could hear the regulator working so stripped off the door card today and found the glass sitting inside the door, out of the mounting clamps...
  13. brucemillar

    Insurance Dropped Me

    Help My Broker Footman James (AON) has just written to me stating that they cannot renew my insurance on my C55 estate (it was with RSA) They say that this is due to a change in their policy and advise that I should look for another insurer. I have three cars insured with FJ and have been with...
  14. @MARK

    Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12

    I am lost for words on this one BBC News - Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12
  15. I

    dropped in to say hi..

    New member,picking up my 1st merc tomorrow, dropped on it due to an urgent need for a car after my other ( granada scorpio) destroyed its engine so due to the time to fix had to find something else.. 95, new 12 mth test,c-class 220D classic, 110k merc history untill last service @103k, had a...
  16. Frankie

    Suspension dropped

    Yesterday I noticed a couple of clonks from the rear which I hadn´t heard before. After looking at the car I noticed it seems to have dropped about an inch on the drivers side rear. I've had a look underneath and I can't see a coil has snapped,perhaps it has snapped nearer the cup. Besides a...
  17. E CLASS

    Cheryl Cole - Dropped by X Factor!

    Excellent news! Unfair on the Geordie accent if I am honest (my wife is a Geordie) However someone who critiques amateur singing performances and then MIMES through her own performances has had her just desserts in the end! This post is especially for all you 'cheap celeb' bashers! You...
  18. englishdas

    W210 E320, mpg dropped since B Service

    That describes it in a nutshell really, just got it back from the garage, and although it now drives like a new un again, I'm getting mid 20's MPG. I took it to Leeds and back (round trip of 59 miles, and used about 15 quids worth of DERV. I was amazed to see the yellow light come on about 10...
  19. S

    Dropped aim on one headlamp. any ideas?

    Hi guys. I had one of my lamps out of my w124 to work on the wiper motor. I had to disconn the air tube that I assume controls the height of the lamp relating to the position switch in the cabin. I forgot to replace it initially although on start up I heard the hissing noise from it and...
  20. LTD

    W220 dropped on one side only

    :dk: My W220 has dropped both front and rear on the driver's side. The car is looking lop-sided and I'm not going to risk driving it. I suspect a component common to both front and rear but I will bow to the greater knowledge of the cognoscenti of the forum. Does anybody have any ideas...
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